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Stories & Poems

Some of the stories from Asia and Africa are mere snippets from my book. (The book itself is 95% original material.)

By the way, I’ve HIV

Coté d’War

The Blow Job Bandits of Hanoi

Aftershock: Haiti

Miss Dominican Republic

My Favorite Mistake

The Last Day of School

The Journey from Hell

The Tale of Yoshiaki

The Tale of Wandering Colin

The Tale of Henry the Hobo

Worst First Date Ever (with video)

Escaping Sudan

Ménagé a trois Hong Kong 

The Prince of Persia

Recipe for Disaster

The Siege of the Levant

The Siege of Abidjan

The Siege of Senegal

The Siege of the Adriatic

The Siege of Malta & Malta Reloaded

The Flag of Aphrodite


Trouble in Tomsk

Diary of a Drug Smuggler

My First American

My First Marriage Proposal 

My girlfriend tattooed my name on her ass

Poems & Limericks


To My Haters 

Voodoo Dolls & Bad Juju

Edinburgh: A Hatrick of Limericks

The Limerick of Budva

The Limerick of Paddy B

The Limerick of Dusseldorf