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Hi, I’m Mark Zolo (aka the Naughty Nomad).

I’m an Irish guy who loves to travel. Unlike most travel bloggers I keep it real. Think Lonely Planet with the sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.

I’ve been to 110+ countries, not to mention Antarctica and a few self proclaimed republics. After living two years in New York City I’ve relocated to the Mediterranean.

My goal is to visit every country in the world. I’m 56% complete.

I’m also a little bit naughty.

In fact, I’m a globetrotting, border jumping, adrenaline-seeking, international debaucher… altought I’m calmed down alot in recent years!

I’ve also been known to travel to war zones dressed as a Mexican Pirate. Argh!

(I’m actually serious).

Enjoy my blog.  Oh, and buy my first book! —A #1 Amazon top seller for travel writing!  Check out the reviews via Google for yourself. They have been AMAZING!

Also check out my second book, Naughty Nomad’s Guide to New York City.

If you any questions or would like to contact me, please do so via private message by signing up to the Naughty Nomad Forum: a resource for fellow swagabonds.

Alternatively, the best way to reach me is via the Facebook page.

I don’t answer personal queries via email.

Business Email: thenaughtynomad at gmail dot com


This site is not a mongering site and does not endorse prostitution.

The author has never paid for sex in his life.

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* Apart from the 193 countries recognised by the UN, Naughty Nomad also recognises Taiwan, Kosovo, & Palestine. Thus 196 countries.