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The Year in Review

Oh hell yeah! Some of you may remember my 2010 year in review – a whopper year indeed. Check it out if you haven’t already or to remind yourself of the naughtiness. I’d like to take this opportunity once more to thank all my readers and wish you guys a happy new year! I wasn’t sure if I could pull […]

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A Weekend Ramble in Cork…

So since I’m back doing a Masters (in International Relations – fiitting eh?) I thought I’d make the most of the year back in university. I joined up to the inter-cultural society (aka the variety society). It’s a wonderful group where everything’s on the menu: Asian, Arabs, Africans, Latinas, Euros and everything in between. The best bit? It’s […]

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My Iranian Flag

The other week in Cyprus I was pretty smitten when I captured my Iran flag on Friday night. I’ve had people wondering how it went down. The key points are in bold. Pre-meet The night before I’d just gotten my Cypriot flag, so my mindset was rock solid. I was on form. I’d messaged a girl […]

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The Mast Misson

NN Definition: A ‘Mast Mission’ is to a timed challenge, issued to a traveler, to capture a flag (i.e. have sex with a person from that country). This refers to the native of the country the traveler is visiting. The length of time and the country being visited will determine the difficulty of the mast mission. If you […]

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45 Flags

UPDATE: This post is outdated, as of July 2013, I’m was at 58 flags. Some would say Flagging is a shallow practice, but it’s hard to help when you’re on the road. Some guys want 50 flags, some want to go around the world in 80 girls, but I’m a little hesitate to set flagging goals. My […]

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