Looking to target single men? Or travelers?

You’ve come to the right place.


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Sidebar banners are featured on all blog posts and most pages, including the home page.

I will not allow advertising I feel is irrelevant, a scam, or in poor taste.

Banners should be around 250 x 230 pixels.

The cost of running a banner is $120 per month, or $300 for 3 months. I also offer cheaper rates to smaller bloggers who need a leg up.

Sponsored Content

I will only feature articles that I feel will benefit my readers. Furthermore, the content needs to be original and not featured anywhere else. It can feature on your own page, provided you link back here. 90% of emails I receive offering content are copy-and-paste garbage, so don’t expect a reply if I think you don’t understand the Naughty Nomad brand.

The cost of a sponsored article is $75, but if I think it fits my niche nicely, I will offer a discounted price of $50.

If, on the other hand, I feel it’s vague and written by a corporate monkey, I’ll charge $100—and only if I’m desperate and run out of drinking money.


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85% of Naughty Nomad readers are male.

Approx 40% are aged between 25-34. 20% are 35-44, and 20% are 18-24.

Americans make up roughly 25% of the readership, followed by the UK and Canada.

Readership Stats:

Monthly page views: 300k
Unique Visitors per month: 100k
Twitter followers: 6.2k
Facebook followers: 6.8k
Email subscribers: 2.7k