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The Quartet: Model, Virgin, Schoolgirl, Mexican

Sorry for the late post, I’ve had exams all week :/

Anyway, I’ve been a busy boy the last month.

Last week alone, I had four dates with four girls, four nights in a row  – and it could have been five had I paid a visit to my Chinese flag (but I’m trying to cut her loose). I don’t know what I’m trying to prove to myself, but fuck it,  it was fun.

Here are three (and a half) stories of some newbies I’ve bedded in the last month.

The Lingerie Model


A well connected friend of mine, nickname Headcase, invited me out for drinks and introduced me to an established magician who’s appeared on TV and performed for the likes of Kevin Spacey and other celebs. He had a date with him, a Northern Irish girl. She was tall, blonde, and had a slammin’ body.

While the magician chat with friends, I worked my magic on his girl – let’s call her Lara.  It turned out Lara was a lingerie/nude model and one the finalists for Miss Sunday World (a national paper here). Suddenly, while I was picking her up, I was caught out.

“Have you read The Game?” she said, recognising one of my lines.

“Eh, what the The Game?” I said, playing dumb.

She explained it to me, allowing me to steer the conversation towards evolutionary biology and sexual attraction while embedding subtle cues in the process.

I gave her my Facebook as I was leaving.

Two days later, she added me and I her invited out. She got all dressed up for 10pm, thinking I was bringing her out for cocktails, but instead, I picked her up two hours late at midnight and drove us straight to my place. After half a bottle of wine, she turned into a little slut. 😉

She’s invited to her place a couple of times since and likes to dress up in corsets and bondage gear. Nice.

She was my first Northern Irish girl, but being Irish myself, I don’t count that as a new flag. She is a nationalist and considers herself Irish, not British nor ‘Northern Irish’ for that matter – but I will claim the Ulster flag.

Before you ask: I wish I could show you guys a picture of her, but if I did post one she  might be recognised by some of my Irish readers and I could end up in court, so fuck that.

The Virgin

not quite..

I was rolling in Dublin with the band. Some of the guys recently broke up with their girlfriends, so I was giving them some pointers on their game. Leading by example, I approached two girls in the smoking area with the classic line, “Got a light?”

My target was a petite blonde of eighteen.

Long story short, at the end of the night I was in a taxi back to her place. She told me the “we’re not having sex tonight,”  so I knew I was in. Although her friend was staying in the same room, I managed to get her naked. She had a tight body, so luckily she was confident about it. We were both pretty smashed, too.

“I’ve never had sex before,” she said, resisting. “This is first time.”

And then I stole her cherry.

To my surprise, the sex was decent enough. The girl was a natural.

I think she regrets it.

The Schoolgirl

Can’t wait.

The same night I deflowered the virgin, I exchanged numbers with another girl, a fresh faced teen still in school in Wexford (2 hours from Dublin). She had a boyfriend at the time but told me they were breaking up.

Last week (three weeks after we met), she took a bus and asked it she could stay at my place. I hadn’t even kissed the girl yet and she was already DTF, so I knew this girl was going to be a nasty little minx.

I can honestly say that that school kid was the best sex I’ve had all year.

She gets off on submission more than as I get off on dominance. And I really get off on dominance. She likes getting slapping, calling me daddy, dirty talk, getting choked, gagging – she lets me do whatever I want. She looks 15 and really innocent, but the girl is filthy.

Tomorrow she getting a bus up and bringing her uniform this time. The short skirt, the tie, the big goofy glasses, the pig tails, the works. I’m dressing up as the teacher. I can’t wait.

The Mexican


Post script: I got my Mexican flag last night!!!

She was visiting Dublin with her friend. I got them to join me to see  Headcase doing a slot at a stand-up comedy gig. Then we went my mate to mine and I managed to pillage her just two hours before she was due to get her 8 am flight. Yeah!

Thanks to  Atlas Al for being my wingman for the night. Fittingly,  last night he also gave me a copy his new book on flagging: Destination Fornication: The Field guide for Flaggers. Check it out!

Hopefully I can keep this momentum going.

I’m at 49 flags – just 1 away from the big 50!




4 Responses to The Quartet: Model, Virgin, Schoolgirl, Mexican

  1. FFY May 23, 2012 at 3:50 am #

    Awesome! Tip of the ole’ hat to you, good sir

  2. international playboy May 23, 2012 at 7:17 am #

    I’ve been to 40 countries, and got me 30+ flags. I just ran into your site. some of the posts seem legit, and love the fact that u hitting up spots around, others like this one seem to be a post just for the sake of it. maybe u gotta start makin half ass shit up to get followers, dk, but either way just write when u have somethin, and write when u travel.
    BTW, good post on Eastern Europe, can’t wait to fuck around w/ some local hos out there… def, put brasil colombia and argentina on the list. Them latin girls got curves not seen in any other part of the world ;))

    International playboy is out!!

  3. Brian Mark May 25, 2012 at 4:58 am #

    49 Flags! You get more ass than a toilet seat! How many different girls did you bang in 2011?


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