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A Weekend Ramble in Cork…

So since I’m back doing a Masters (in International Relations – fiitting eh?) I thought I’d make the most of the year back in university. I joined up to the inter-cultural society (aka the variety society). It’s a wonderful group where everything’s on the menu: Asian, Arabs, Africans, Latinas, Euros and everything in between. The best bit? It’s 75% chicas. So I’d recommend any college cats to join up to their respective international / inter-cultural societies pronto…

Anyway, the other weekend with a had a society weekend trip down the country to the city of Cork.

Before the trip I was having a discussion with a fellow crewmember and what I should do – go for a new flag, or just try bag the hottest of the lot? I decided on the latter – quality.


Here’s out it played out:

Only about 10% of members signed up for the trip: 9 girls, 3 dudes from Africa and me.

My choices:

  • 2 Chinese (both cute, one very) New flag.
  • 1 Jap (not attractive) Captured.
  • 2 Nigerians (one hot, one not) Captured.
  • 1 Kenyan (so-so) New Flag.
  • 2 Spanish (a no and a maybe) Captured.
  • 1 Greek (headturner, beautiful face, smoking body) New Flag.

The Greek was easily the hottest – intimidating even. Then I saw the super cute Chinese girls. But then I saw the Nigerian. Fuck – I didn’t know what to do with myself.

That first night I just gamed everyone. I wooed the two Chinese girls with my Mandarin, spit Spanish and a little Jap; shared a Greek dance I recently learned in Cyprus with the Greek; and sang Nigerian pop songs with the Africans. Luckily for me the guys were awesome and we all got along like a house on fire. It was clear sailing and I had my pick of the litter.

The next day I worked the Grecian Goddess at the zoo. Groundwork done, That night while we were out the smoking area I went for the kiss. She was so sexy my heart was actually racing. The chemistry was amazing. It was a great way to end Cork.


I invited the hot Greek around the my place for chocolate and wine a few days later. Shortly after she arrived we were chilling in the kitchen. I couldn’t help myself  – she was too hot. I went caveman. I pulled by the hair, bent her over the counter, ripped her pants down and rammed my cock inside her. Her legs started shaking uncontrollably as I pounded her sexy plump Med ass. She was amazing. It was the start of a wild night… Long story short:

Greek flag captured.

As if that wasn’t enough, the next day both Chinese girls separately contacted on Facebook wanting to go out for a drink. But that will have to wait until the New Year…

I’m back in Malta next weekend. I wonder what trouble I’ll get into!

Just another week for a Naughty Nomad…

POST-POST TRIP: China too.


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