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Costs & Accomodation

A trip to Mogadishu is all about preparation. You will not get past the airport unless you have a guarantor, conformation of accommodation, and transport from the airport. Nearly all visitors also opt for personal security too. How much you want to spend is up to you. But be warned

Many security contractors will rip you off!

I’m talking up to $1000 a day… with airport pickup averaging at $150, $450 for armored cars, crazy hotel prices, “compound fees” just for hanging out in the hotel during the day… etc.

Luckily, we at Visit Somalia have it sussed! We are the only company to provide safe (100% safety record), inexpensive alternatives.


Airport Pickup & immigration assistance: $50.

Car hire, driver and tour guide: $200 per day.

Hotel Price: From $40 a night, with no compound fees. Our hotel is in a very secure compound with a 100% safety record. It also has a beautiful restaurant and free WiFi.

Security (optional): $50 a day per solider, provided by the government. (Some people opt for none).

Airport Drop-off: $30.

Additional Costs: Although you may have a valid visa, you will be required to pay $50 for an entry stamp at the airport on arrival. It is a bit of a scam, but unfortunately it is unavoidable.

Other things to note: Your guide (us!) sorts out everything. Just drop up an email or give us a call! Please note that credit cards and ATMS do not work here, so all payments must be made in cash, USD.