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City Guide Ratings Explained

*Chance of Hooking up (C.O.H)

The “Chance Of Hooking Up Rating” is designed to help single, horny guys pick their next vacation spot.  It was developed by Roosh V. There are three components to the rating: (1) availability of girls, (2) girl friendliness, and (3) find and meet logistics. Description of the five possible ratings:

1 out of 5: You have an extremely low chance of hooking up. Don’t visit for the girls.

2 out of 5:You’ll need quite a bit of magical luck.

3 out of 5: There are girls around, but it’s not necessarily easy.

4 out of 5: You have a very good chance of hooking up if you put in an honest effort.

5 out of 5: Hooking up is guaran-fucking-teed as long as you aren’t disfigured.

*Quality of Girls (Q.O.G)

The “Quality of Girls Rating” accessed how hot the locals are.  One study at the the university of Louisiana  found the “beauty of the female face … is mathematically quantifiable..”  I will try be objective taking into account (1)facial alignment (2) skin tone (3) body proportion & (4)BWH. BWH is an abbreviation for “bust, waist, and hip” measurements. Description of the five possible ratings:

1  out of 5: Wrote off, NOT FIT FOR CONSUMPTION.

2 out of 5: Not great overall, but doable in a dry patch.

3 out of 5: Hit or Miss (average with the odd hottie)

4 out of 5: High standard in general.

5 out of 5: SMOKING! Stunners everywhere!


0/5: Illegal.

1/5: Dead / maybe one place to go on Saturday.

2/5: Poor.

3/5:  Average or weekend wonder.

4/5: A decent party can be found every night.

5/5:  Off the wall, crazy fun non-stop.


*Smoking Tolerance Level S.T.L

The “Smoking Tolerance Level” comes from and looks at attitudes towards marijuana in a given locality.

with 1 = very illegal 5=virtually legal



Livability is determined by a city’s Global Livability Ranking or observation in the case of no data.