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3 Common Shit Tests from Eastern European Girls & How to Respond

The following is a guest post from Kings of Russia.

autumn spring blonde person beautiful Free PhotoEastern European girls are famous for testing a man’s intentions and resolve, otherwise known as “shit tests”. Women in general shit test man to determine if the man is strong enough for them. From the dawn of time, women have had to develop their discrimination powers to select the strongest man of the tribe. Strength comes in many forms not just physical. Strength is manifested in determination, resolve, and fortitude.

Women are inherently more intuitive than men and they sense weakness like a lion hunting its prey. Eastern European girls more than most women shit test men to assess their value and ability to take care of them.

Shit tests by eastern European girls take many forms. In this article, we will discuss the most common shit tests that you are likely to experience from eastern European girls.

#1 “What are you doing here in my country?”

If you are traveling to a place like Ukraine, then you will notice that Ukrainian women are keenly aware that it is not a popular travel destination for everyday sightseeing. They understand that there are many more beautiful places in Europe to spend a holiday. They also know that foreign men travel to Ukraine solely to meet women.

The why are you here shit test is one that you will inevitably have to answer. In this question, there are many layers. Women are determining what kind of man you are and what your intentions are with her.

  • Is he solely looking for sex?
  • Is he a sex tourist?

These are thoughts that she will be asking herself and you must rule out in her mind immediately. Put her thoughts to rest that you are not a sex thirsty tourist, but a high-value man who is open to a long-term relationship with a special woman.

While we do not advocate straight up deception, it is suggested that you have a solid backstory as to your stay. You will want to demonstrate that you have ties to her country of some kind. If you are serious about meeting a woman from Ukraine, for example, you will want to spend as much time as possible there. Therefore, you will want to investigate and participate in the following:

  • Real estate opportunities
  • The economic marketplace
  • Learning Russian
  • Connecting with friends that are living in Ukraine

There are many variations of this general concept that you can apply specifically to your personal and professional life. The general concept is to give her the impression that you will have some kind of long-term interest in her country that will keep you coming back, besides for the women.

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#2 “Why aren’t you married?”

This is a common shit test by all women, not just Eastern European girls. However, again it ties into a deep level of assessment of you. She will be asking herself:

  • Is this man serious and is he interested in a long-term relationship?
  • Does he want to be married with a family someday?
  • Is there something wrong with him that prevented him from marrying in his home country?

These questions are the basis for the actual shit test. The best responses are a combination of the truth and an assurance that you are interested in something serious.

A simple statement such as “In the past, I was very focused on attaining a secure position in life. Now that I have attained that position, I am open to a long-term relationship if I meet the right woman.”

Experiment with different deliveries, but the general concept is to illustrate that you waited until you were in an optimal position to enter into a long-term relationship and start a family. This implies you are prudent, responsible and you had options in the past.

Also, inject a little sense of humor that you are “unlucky in love and you hope to be luckier with Slavic love” (said with a smirk).

#3 “You must have a lot of girlfriends”

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We find that the best response to this shit test is to deflect it or respond jokingly. Women subconsciously wish for her man to have viable options with other women. A man with options equates to a high-value man. You don’t want to give her the impression that you have sex with anyone.

However, joking around that she can be your “Tuesday night girlfriend” is a humorous approach to and a deflection of her test. This statement of her’s is a strong indication that she is interested in you. Therefore, you have nothing to prove. She is already qualifying herself. You don’t need to provide a detailed account of your sexual past.


Shit tests are very common with eastern European girls. Do not get angry or frustrated. Shit tests are just a manifestation of a woman’s process of weeding weak men out. The best approach is to stay calm, react with humor, and reassure her that you are a man of high value and strength.

We outlined a few retorts to common shit tests from Eastern European girls. However, the strongest way to combat shit tests is from your actions. Behave like a strong man with a clear purpose in life. Treat eastern European girls with respect and kindness, while keeping your masculine strength intact.

5 Responses to 3 Common Shit Tests from Eastern European Girls & How to Respond

  1. Larry Smythe August 5, 2018 at 11:13 pm #

    Hey Mark, I’m an aspiring traveler and a big fan of your work. But I do have a couple curious questions: I noticed you travel everywhere. Don’t want to be too personal, but how do you pay for that? Because I love traveling, but generally funding is a problem.

    Secondly, how do you get to the Deja Vu place in Liberia? Looked it up, but can’t find directions anywhere. I’d love to keep the address for later, I’m planning a trip.

    • Mark Zolo August 6, 2018 at 9:38 am #

      Hey man, I just work hard and save. It’s not big secret. You need to sacrifice. As for Deja Vu, sadly I’m informed it is now closed.

      • Larry Smythe August 8, 2018 at 7:04 pm #

        Alright, thanks man. Just seems like you’re traveling all the time. I kind of expected that for Deja Vu too. Got any tips for online game though? That Tagged website is an ok place, but it’s hard to get girls on it.

  2. splooge August 15, 2018 at 11:50 pm #

    feels like questions girls in thailand would ask too

  3. Cereal killer September 6, 2018 at 10:45 pm #

    Ya. I am from East Europe, and it is true girls from here treat you like a lab rat to know how you react. But i travel in in all continents and its female nature to do that. Not only here.
    And Mark, if you wasn’t yet in Mombasa, highly recomand Casablanca….womens are stunning but also mad. Whites are not single even if they really want. 11 months was there and wasn’t enough. Casaurina also not bad at all…
    Saw Tanzania and Kenya are not on your list 🙂

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