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Top 10 Destinations in West Africa

Having traveled this route through West Africa, I am lucky enough to have visited all eleven countries on the coast from Dakar to Lagos. Using my Top 10 destinations in South East Asia as a template, I will using the following criteria. These places/countries are judged on:   – Natural beauty / Historical wonders – Unique Experiences offered  – The […]

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Location: Conakry, Guinea. We’re officially three weeks in. To date, I’ve had more scams and cons tried in West Africa than I have in my entire life; corrupt police, hustlers and thieves. Some of their sinister attempts have been very elaborate indeed. Here are my top three… 3. You broke my phone! Walking down the […]

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The Seige of Senegal

I’ve released in the past week that travel  in West Africa and blogging are uneasy bedfellows. As you read this from whatever cozy corner of the world you reside, consider that I’m probably downing a beer in some tiny African village with no electricity, or crammed into a busted bush taxi for a grueling 2 days. […]

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