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Top 10 Destinations in West Africa

Having traveled this route through West Africa, I am lucky enough to have visited all eleven countries on the coast from Dakar to Lagos. Using my Top 10 destinations in South East Asia as a template, I will using the following criteria. These places/countries are judged on:   – Natural beauty / Historical wonders – Unique Experiences offered  – The […]

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Belly Dancer @ Ynot

Lagos City Guide (Nigeria)

Lagos in a word: Chaos!!! Chance of Hooking up: 5 / 5 Quality of Girls: 4 / 5 Nightlife: 4 / 5 Smoking tolerance level: 4 / 5 City guide ratings explained Costs €$£ Beer: $1.40 average per bottle. Bed: €50 for a private room. Bud: €1.50 for a small bag. Board: $10 for 10 grams. Budget other: Bribes are common […]

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