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Exotic Capital


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“Exotic Capital” refers to the social worthiness granted to an individual’s race or nationality, as a result of how these factors impact their attractiveness in the sexual marketplace. Furthermore, exotic capital ignores racial & national stereotypes (which are often more important with regards sexual capital), and only considers “exoticness” itself. Exoticness is location dependant.

If we take the economic principle of supply of demand, in theory, those with a high degree of exoticness should be high in demand. This would support the theory of gene diversification. However, if we factor in cultural  indoctrination, racial and national stereotypes, the equilibrium can shift, often dramatically, in either direction.


I often get asked about what I mean by exotic capital,  so a formal definition was warranted. With that taken care off, let’s see how you can reap the benefits of exotic capital to increase your chances of mating.

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6 Responses to Exotic Capital

  1. Fred Tracy October 23, 2011 at 6:11 pm #

    Very interesting. Naughty nomad, the social anthropologist. I like it.


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    […]  it also receives considerably less tourists than the seaside towns, encouraging your exotic capital. For day game, Pedestrian Ledras street is by far the best […]

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