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Top 10 Countries for Girls in Eastern Europe

I’ve done the research, I’ve ran a poll (2,000+ votes cast and counting), and I even went to the bother of taking several trips and travelling to every country in the region—now, I’ve score them out of 10 using the three components of female beauty (data at bottom of page and the highest score awarded was an 8). […]

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What happened to the Baltics?

Four years ago, me and some buddies travelled to the Baltics: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Ryanair had just started flights to the area and at that time it remained largely untrodden compared to other parts of Eastern Europe. When I first visited cities like Riga and Tallinn, I was convinced I had discovered pussy heaven. There […]

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Tallinn City Guide

Tallinn in a word: Bliss. C.O.H: 3.5 / 5 Q.O.G: 4 / 5 S.T.L: 2.5 / 5 City guide ratings explained Costs €$£ Beer:Around  €2 Bed: €15 for a private room Bud: €20-30 per gram :/ Board: €3 for a meal. Budget other: The ferry to Helsinki is €50. But why would you go there? Currency […]

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