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Dating In Kampala, Uganda

The following is a guest post by Dom-Torres. I love Uganda—it was the first African country I visited. At 20, I attempted Zolo’s “Eastern Loop.”  Out of all 3 countries (Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania), Uganda is definitely the best. I liked it so much…I went back 6 months later! I stayed about a week during […]

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5 Steps to Making Your Own Beer

There’s nothing making your own brew. I’ve just finished my first batch of Naughty Nomad ale, and at 6.5%, the stuff is rocket fuel. The following is a guest post from Niall the Vile . Some of you may know him from my book. He will also be joining the crew on our little adventure next […]

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8 Reasons Why You Should Read This Blog

I was recently guided to this article about me by Jesse Charge over at Seduction Science. Jesse is an established dating coach with some cool material you should check out, included a pretty popular forum. Anyway, he kindly offered his article for publication. Thanks Jesse!   8 Reasons Why I Read Naughty Nomad and You Should […]

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