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Best Men’s City Guides of 2018

traveling-all-around-the-worldAfter compiling last year’s list, I thought I’d give another go this year. I’ve complying a list of the best men’s city guides and datasheets from across the Manosphere for 2018.

Again, I’d like to thank everybody in the Men’s Travel space for helping their fellow men out.

If I’ve left any good info out let me know.

Here’s to 2019!


Almaty, Kazakhstan by Masculine Traveler

Bangkok, Thailand by Masculine Traveler

Beirut, Lebanon by Idane, RVF

Cagayan de Oro by Masculine Traveler

Cebu, Philippines by Masculine Traveler

Davao, Philippines by Masculine Traveler

Dubai, U.A.E by Borus Alotovmuff, RVF

Iran by NaughtyNomad

Istanbul, Turkey by ActaNonVerba RVF

Manila, Philippines by Masculine Traveler

Udon Thani, Thailand by NaughtyNomad (guest post)

Taipei, Taiwan by SwooptheWorld


Amsterdam, Netherlands by NiceGuySeduction

Belgrade, Serbia for Summer by NiceGuySeduction

Edinburgh, Scotland by NaughtyNomad (guest post)

Krakow, Poland by Masculine Traveler

Chisinau, Moldova by Nola, RVF

Helsinki, Finland by Masculine Traveler

Poznan, Poland by Buddy, RVF

St. Petersburg, Russia by NaughtyNomad (guest post)

Tallinn, Estonia by Chinoquo, RVF

The Americas

Belo Horizonte, Brazil by Semibaron, RVF

Buenos Aires, Argentina by NiceGuySeduction

Mexico City, Mexico by MyLatinLife

Puerto Escondido, Mexico by MikeStar RVF

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by NaughtyNomad (guest post)

San Paulo, Brazil by NiceGuySeduction

San Juan del Sur, Mexico by DigitalNomad, RVF

Suriname by Crash_Bandicoot, RVF

Las Vegas, USA by NaughtyNomad (guest post)


Rest of World/Other

Accra, Ghana by TwinTurbo, RVF

Equatorial Guinea by RottenApple, RVF

Melbourne, Australia by Sonderho, RVF

Nairobi, Kenya by Khalidkcl , RVF

Jo’Burg, South Africa Savemham Lincon, RVF


If I’m missing any good ones, or if you have info that you’d like to be included, please leave a comment below!

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