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Snapshot: Novi Sad, Serbia

Snapshots are mini town/city guides for smaller places or cities I have only experienced briefly. Here’s a little snapshot of Novi Sad.

Downtown Center

Downtown Center

What are one’s first impressions of Novi Sad?

With a population of just over 250,000, Novi Sad is a lot more laid back than the capital. It’s small, but it’s got a thriving bar scene on the weekends and the venues are far superior for mingling than in Belgrade. Novi Sad is also a student city, so try get there during term. The fortress side of the river is a nice place to stay and is pretty in a ye auld Saxon kind of way, but it’s a 20 minute walk from the action—unless you go during the world famous EXIT festival.

What are the women like?

Miss Novi Sad contestant

The standard of women in Novi Sad in lower than that of the capital. It’s a subtle decline and not as dramatic as, let’s say, going from Kiev to Lviv within Ukraine. The reason for this may be attributed to demographics. The city is only 78% Serb and is dragged down by less attractive ethnic groups like the Hungarians, the Slovaks, and the Croats. That said, the quality is still better than the vast majority of European cities.

Novi Sad girls are more approachable than those in Belgrade. They are a little less traditional and considered more liberal. Combine that with the slick bar scene and you got the perfect place to meet a nice local girl.

For more detailed information on the Serbian look and character, check out my city guide on Belgrade.

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Where should I go at night-time?

Novi Sad is not short of places to drink. Midweek in summer it was dead, but on the weekend, the choice became almost overwhelming. We spent a lot of time with locals and got a pretty comprehensive low down on the place. Avoid the abundance of café bars if you want meet people.

If it’s a weekend, a good place to warm up is on Katalicka Porta Square. There are loads of students and young people drinking cans on the street and there’s a good atmosphere. Grab a couple of cans in the offy nearby and get chatting.
Next, there is an “in the know” little cul-de-sac with 3 or 4 alternative bars. There is one cool Rakia bar there that does a great variety of delicious varieties of the local poison (try the honey). If you walk down the main pedestrian street, Zmaj Jovina, look out for a small arched lane way with a big “Pizza” sign over it.

Finally, the best street is a bar strip called Laze Telečkog. There are loads of bars here and all of them are well set up for mixing. This is the place to be.

Note: I only speak form my experience. The midweek scene may be different in the winter when students are about.

Laze Telečkog

Laze Telečkog

Any other recommendations/advice?

We stayed at an amazing duplex owned by Fortress apartments. They have BBQ facilities. The first night we invited groups of cute girls over for a BBQ / house the next night. 9 girls showed up and it was the best night of our trip.

We were also able to score 10 grams of weed for €90 on Katalicka Porta Square. It was busy as it was a Friday and we got our hands on it in only 30 mintues.

Bottom Line

Definitely worth checking out, but go during the weekend.


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3 Responses to Snapshot: Novi Sad, Serbia

  1. Nestorius August 7, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

    If you plan on going back to Lebanon, you won’t be disappointed this time as most girls these days are exponentially turning into sluts and attention whores.
    Here are some samples for your to see:
    and there is more on the streets.

  2. Keanu August 8, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    Hey NN, I’ve heard of you before but this is the first time I’ve really checked out your site in detail. Amazing adventures. You are living a life that probably 99.9% of americans only dream of living.

    I’ve been looking around on your blog for this info, though, and I can’t seem to find it, but I was wondering if you had a post on it. How do you finance your traveling? Did you start out with savings and now pay for traveling through your guides? I think that might be an interesting topic to cover if you haven’t, and, as someone who wants to travel, this question interests me. Thanks.


  3. balkanoid November 17, 2020 at 1:58 pm #

    I don’t think Novi Sad girls are more “liberal” than in Belgrade, it is a way smaller city, after all.

    However, maybe the foreigners and pua travelers are more exotic and more of a rarity there compared to Belgrade. Those girls still might believe that you are just a normal tourist who wants to have a guide, just because he is interested in sights in her city. lol 😀

    Apart from that, it is a very nice city to visit.

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