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Conakry City Guide (Guinea)

Kaloum, “Au Ville”

Conakry in a word: Raw.

Chance of Hooking up: 4 / 5
Quality of Girls: 3.75 / 5
Nightlife: 3.5 / 5
Smoking tolerance level: 3 / 5

City guide ratings explained

Costs €$£

Beer: €.80 for a large beer.
Bed: Not many options, €30 average for a private room.
Bud: Cheap, €1 for a decent handful.
Board: €1.50 for a decent meal.
Budget other: The usual: taxis and club entry. Budget an extra €5 a day.

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It’s raw, rough and all over the place, but fuck it. Conakry grows on you like E-coli on room temperature British beef. It’s additive. I’ll give it whoever wrote the blurb on the Lonely planet website, they hit the nail on the head:

Conakry is a city with a somewhat split personality. It has an erratic infrastructure and growing crime rate so, like with many cities living under rotten regimes, a visit here can be frustrating for travelers. On the other hand, Conakry is an undeniably pulsating place: colourful, spontaneous, friendly, musical, a little wild, and always full of contrast. The city’s vibrancy and openness come from a very African flavour. These more subtle charms are likely to grow on you with time and many people end up loving the city by the time they leave. It’s tailor-made for a (long) weekend blast.

The Girls

If you haven’t already, I’d strongly recommend  you read my article Sex in Africa 101 before continuing.

Miss Guinea 2010

Guinean girls are some of the best in Africa; they are often very beautiful, genuine and friendly. This is the only country in Africa where the super cute Fula tribe form a plurality (40%). Other significant populations are the Mande groups Mandinka and Susu, the latter of which mainly reside mainly in Koloum. The capital city receives little or no tourists so you will find it pretty easy to  pick up serious hotties. The catch: basic French is usually required. But trust me, a little goes a long way here. Also, Islam is the dominant religion and most women do not drink alcohol (but still party). During the day, there’s often parties on Ratoma beach with loads of cute girls. Otherwise, Kaloum is your best bet for wealthy women and girls with jobs. If you are Pipelining, do so in French. . The night is still the best option, no matter what type of girl your hoping to meet.

Tip: Try learning a little Fula. It’s easy and the girls love it!

Nightlife Recommendations

You can have what ever type of night you want in Conakry. I stayed in both Koloum and Ratoma so I got to experience the whole myriad of venues in the city. Some of this info you find anywhere else. Here are three solid recommendations, starting from the classiest place in town to the sleaziest.


This slick joint is in northern Ratoma near Taouyah, and attracts the young, rich and beautiful. This is the best place to find ‘good’ girls from wealthier families. The standard is here is sky high. Models also frequent the club. The only problem is, it’s a bottle service kind of place. As a result, the beers are a little pricier and  it can be slightly cliquey. Busy most nights, but show up late. Out of the three, it has the highest quality girls but is also by far the hardest to pick up in. Crisber is very much a local haunt so some French is crucial.


Located in Taouyah, this place is probably the best option for a night out. It’s a nice big place with a decent dance floor as well as a cool outdoor bar. It’s busy most nights and attracts a mixed crowd of good girls, bad girls, locals and expats. The beers are also cheaper than the other two places. It’s not going to blow your mind, but definitely worth a punt. Don’t show up before midnight.

Bembeya Nightclub

This is Conakry’s dirty little secret. Hidden in upper class district of Kaloum, your taxi driver will probably have to ask for directions. Unlike the other venues, it’s free in (when we were there) but the beers are the most expensive in the city (€2, o no!). This is probably because male patrons don’t stick around too long. Women will fight for your attention.  Some of the girls her are stunning! The best looking girls in the country come here to charm those with deep pockets. That said, it’s easy to shore. You will either love or loath this place (I loved it!).

Getting High

Where to buy marijuana: If you are visiting the Fouta Djion, get it there. In Conakry, ask the guys at the Reggae bar a few doors up from Collosium.

Prague Marijuana Prices: For €1 we got 5 small packs: each enough for two or three joints of pure herb.

My Conakry Experience

Apart from problems getting money, changing accommodation three times and the odd scam, I loved Conakry. Five days wasn’t enough for me. I found the people great and the city extremely diverse and engaging. We went to a great concert on the beach and each night was completely different. As for chicas, I hooked up with this breathtaking Malian girl on our last night. The new flag  aside, she was probably the most beautiful woman I was with on the trip. I almost stayed. Sigh… if only I  had one more night. (another popular song in West Africa)


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12 Responses to Conakry City Guide (Guinea)

  1. gavinmac July 17, 2011 at 10:32 pm #

    Very informative guide. Would much appreciate seeing one for Freetown.

    I have a trip coming up where I fly into Dakar and then fly out from Conakry ten days later. Trying to decide between a Dakar-Banjul-Bissau-Conakry itinerary or just Dakar-Freetown-Conakry.

    • Naughty Nomad July 18, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

      Done. Do the latter trip, it’s VASTLY superior. Freetown in amazing. Plus you’ll avoid the journey from hell from Bissau to Conakry.

  2. gavinmac November 17, 2011 at 6:17 am #

    Went to Conakry. Will add my two cents here. I actually went with a tout/tour guide named Mustafa who works out of the Novotel. He took me around to nightclubs the whole night. Conakry is pretty intimidating for solo travelers visiting for the first time.

    We started off at Bembeya. Bembeya was quite a scene, man, but we went too early. Then we went to a nearby place called “Buffet de la Gare.” A buffet of whores, to be precise. I didn’t like the place much, as the music was too loud and the there was no separation between the bar and dance floor. Lots of girls though.

    We went back to Bembeya, and then we ended up at a terrific bar/nightclub that I think was called “Franciscan.” It was heaving at 4 a.m. with a good mixed crowd of locals, white guys, working girls, regular girls, and even white chicks. It was a little outside the downtown area and we had to go through some bribe-hungry police checkpoints going there and back.

    FYI- the Rough Guide also mentions a nightclub downtown called Timi’s, supposedly known for picking up girls, but my tout told me that it was closed because they are moving to a new location.

    By the way, the Novotel is horrible, and I thought that during the day Conakry is about the worst city I have ever seen. Its nightlife seems to be its only redeeming quality. Just my opinion. Was only there two days, maybe I didn’t give it enough time to “grow” on me.

    • Naughty Nomad November 17, 2011 at 11:52 am #

      @gavinmac:Great input man! Fair play for having the balls to go there. And thanks for the input of bars… it really helps other guys out to get another perspective.

  3. SILLAH May 2, 2012 at 2:38 am #

    To be realistic, I think your guide on Conakry is one of the best I have ever seen. at time moving at night in Conakry is terrifying but man the thing that will definately stay on any man mind are the beautiful Guinean girls, the clubs and the friendliness of the people especially the local guys (area boys)

  4. Adele January 27, 2013 at 3:16 am #

    Lol the girls are only 3.75? I am a Cameroonian chick and I think that Guineans are the most beautiful in Africa. Anyways if you happen to visit Africa again, I would suggest for you to visit Douala, Cameroon , Libreville in Gabon and Malabo in Equatorial Guinea. Visit Central Africa!!

  5. grunter August 17, 2014 at 7:03 am #

    Hahaha man you nailed Conakry. I am an Aussie who went to Conakry for work and stayed for 7 years…man the night club thing is spot on and the girls…Fula girls yes…I will write more on Conakry when I get a chance. There are many lurks and perks

  6. fatjoe August 30, 2015 at 9:10 pm #

    Conakry 2015 a lot of changes !

    Safer the night plus there is A tons of new hotels and Night clubs !!!

    The country is still very poor so even if you are a african from europe or another country
    you will be noticed ( even with regular clothes…) . If you are white you will be seen as a
    money machine so be careful ( there isn”t a lot of tourism ) .

    Nightgame was well depicted in the review Nightclub seduction is easy girl are easily attracted… But don’t know how long you gonna stay here but Day-game shoring is possible !!!Day-game why ? Because it will allow you to see woman “more” natural and sometime more beautiful that woman during the night and its safer.

    step 1 :
    If you can rent a driver with car or befriend a young local with a car ( the only hard partt )
    taxi or not you will notice that people will try to stop any car because there is not enough transport !!! if you got a driver you can be choosey and pick up girls only

    step 2 :
    while he is driving during the day if you see a girl alone asking for a car to move or just a girl
    walking ask her or let your driver/local friend ask her where she want to go if she accept you
    ask for her name number and done drop her anywhere she wanted to go .( Young Guinean men especially drivers know how to pick up girl or find “women” for their clients believe me ! )

    step 3 :
    Call he , chat , set a rendez vous at her place or your ( hotels are safer now ) whenever you want and
    even for a one night stand don’t hesitate to treat her as your girlfriend . Guinean girl love big words like ; “je t’aime ” , ” mon amour ” , “ma femme”…

    step 4 :
    Repeat ! I would like to warn you about how lucky i was or how this method couldn’t work with someone else but that isn’t the case this is really that easy ! If you want to chill with beautiful african ladies Conakry is the place !!!

  7. Tarzan February 5, 2016 at 5:37 pm #

    Just arrived in Conakry from Monrovia. Read the reviews. It’s Friday night and i’m off out t get my share! See what’s changed since Ebola hit! I,m staying at the best hotel and it’s deserted so I might be the only wjite guy left!

    • Tarzan February 11, 2016 at 8:17 pm #

      Went out for some grub at the Avenue. Pretty crap Mexican place bugged up by fakies on trip advisor. Had a couple of cold ones at the hotel then headed out to Bombayeh. Oh man what a hot chick infested dingy little place it is. The babes are beauties. They know how to grind and will practically fuck you on the dance floor. sure, in the morning she wants some dosh so make sure you get your monies worth. Crazy sexy chick. 100% wild !

  8. Sam the Man December 13, 2017 at 12:01 am #

    Hey so read the review before I went, came on a Thursday left Sunday. Completely agree that nothing good about this town during day expect for the women. First night Thursday night went to Bembeya. Nice place, lucky drank before getting her because beer was most expensive in town. Got there a little after 11pm. I stayed a little bit because even though the women were on me I was eager to see if even more beautiful women would be coming. (They could pretty easily tell I was a foreigner with all the jewelry I had on and once word got around I was an American they really were on me. Around 1am decided time to leave, the girl I wanted didn’t speak much English (French) but her friend did so the friend asked if she could come along, I said yes, having no idea I was about to have my very first threesome that night. I let them sleep over (something I almost never do but got a good vibe from them and security did make copies of their ids before they let them in, or the sex just put me in too good of a mood lol) and we did it all again in the morning. Had no problems from them and ironically the friend that came along with one I wanted was almost as pretty but way better in the bed. Already I knew I was going to like this town.

    Next night I stayed at Riviera Royal Hotel. This hotel is nicest one I stayed at in the whole country. They had everything, of course your room, a gym, a restaurant, a lounge area next to the pool that serves drinks and even a casino (mind you they rigged the roulette table, just giving warning but not going to ruin night because you gambling for a little bit of nothing in there lol. But lastly they have a club right next to the hotel and it is free entry if you are a guest of the hotel. The drinks were very well priced and the women were AMAZING. I pick one that I like I offer to buy her and her two friends a drink she accepts and at the end of the night we are back in my room. Remind you I speak no French and she barely spoke any English but I was able to get my point in the club and back in the room with Wi-Fi I could use a English to French translator and was able to seal the deal.

    Now Saturday moved to different hotel, but first tried to go to Crisber. It was closed they said for the month for remodeling so then after driving around for a while, and getting shook down by cops, went to a club called MLS. (I think it may be the Colisium with a new name because the area and description of the club are directly on point but not 100% sure). The place was really nice and the only club I went in Africa that had a dress code so I figured it would be fancy. Found a cute girl I liked spent most of the night with her, but she was a good girl and spoke great English but wouldn’t go back with me to my hotel, but I got her number and dropped her off anyway. (Had I not been leaving the next day it could have worked out.) Also forgot to mention I had befriend a taxi driver on Friday and had been using him ever since I moved from first hotel to Riviera Royal. So told him I still wanted some action it was about 2-3 am at this point. Went back to Bemeybe they were already closed, then he took me to some small packed club who’s name I don’t even remember, and surprising I didn’t see anything I wanted so after 30 minutes told him ready to go and as we were walking back to the taxi saw this very pretty girl. She spoke some English but with my driver there he talked to her for like 5 minutes, she went and dropped something off to a friend and next thing you know she is on her way back to my hotel. She gave me a very happy ending to the night.

    Left back for Freetown Sunday afternoon. Mind you the road is like a cop shakedown every checkpoint until you cross the boarder back to Sierra Leone and takes a little less than 8 hours( the entire trip) but definitely worth the trip to go and see once. I didn’t know any French but I certainly made the best of it. Agree COH 5/5 and woman 3.75/5 and that’s pretty good. This city is a cesspool, but wow did I grow to love it.

    • Mark Zolo December 18, 2017 at 4:02 pm #

      Nice man! Glad I could point you in the right direction! yar!

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