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The SWAN Effect

swaneffect (1)

“White flight” is a term used to describe the large-scale migration of white people. Originally, it was applied to white city-dwellers moving to the suburbs to escape the racial minorities in the 1960’s America (Detroit and Cleveland are prime examples). Nowadays, the term is …

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Guys, visit Europe NOW!

….or in the next year. Get planning now.

There has never been a better time for Americans to visit Europe.

7a037cdffe9b280d64a4a9d08f156a53The strength of the dollar and new low-cost transatlantic flights have changed the game.

The euro is at a 12-year low …

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First Manosphere Film!

The first red pill film from the Manosphere is out!

“I can do better” is my first short. It was shot in New York with 10 actors and explores themes like hypergamy, female entitlement and spinsterhood. Enjoy!

(I star briefly …

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