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Port-au-Prince City Guide (Haiti)

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Port-au-Prince in a word: Post-apocalyptic.

Chance of Hooking up: 4 / 5
Quality of Girls: 2.5 / 5
Smoking tolerance level: 3 / 5
City guide ratings explained

Costs €$£

Beer: €1 a beer in centre/€3 in Pétionville.
Bed: under €20 i / €50 for a private room.
Bud: ? €40 per oz.
Board: €2-3 for a fast food meal.
Budget other: Prices vary massively. A coffee in a nice place in Petionville could cost the same as three meals downtown. Pay for a moto-taxi at night – trust me.
Currency Conversion


Port-au-Prince is two cities. The city centre around Champs de Mars looks post-apocalyptic, a sty of filth & rumble with immense poverty and makeshift camps galore. If you’re white you might experience a little racism. Some Haitians are convinced the US sent a missile underwater to re-direct the earthquake away from Florida (I’m serious). So as far as they’re concerned – you’re white, therefore American, therefore you killed gramma. Most visitors stay in the richer suburb of Pétionville, 20 minutes away. It’s a town that looks nearly as developed a Dominican town and has decent nightlife options. I stayed in both places for your benefit.

The Girls

Sarodj Bertin, Miss Haiti ’10

The 2.5 rating applies to the general population. Don’t let it put you off, Port-au-Prince is not short on sexy girls – especially in Pétionville. Miss Hatiti (pictured right) isn’t representative of the population. Most Haitian are much darker and have West African features. Haitian girls have a serious talent for dirty dancing and have tight, yet voluptuous bodies. If you’re a foreigner,  you will receive plenty of attention. Dating a girl who lives in a tent with their family can get complicated, so if you want to pick up, your best bet is definitely Pétionville. The highest quality girls are here; well breed with good looks and higher income. Some even have jobs or attend university. They’re more likely to speak some English too. However, for most women you will need a little French. During the day, go for the girls who are working or frequent coffee shops. Just go over and ask for their number, it’s easy.

Night game is where it’s at in Haiti. When the sun goes down, you will find loads of English-speakers in the high end bars. Most male-female interactions take place on the dance floor. Expect raunchy introductions.


Nightlife Recommendations

If you’re staying in Pétionville, stay there – it’s superior. That said, if you like it rough and ready head to the centre for an adventure. I’ve given tips on both…

City centre:

Bar De lere

I’m pretty sure this was the name of this street-corner bar. It’s open 24 hours, busy every night and a local only affair. Girls will stare at you over their boyfriends shoulders. Game, but thread carefully, make sure you befriend some guys so you don’t have any trouble.

Resto Amore

This salsa bar/restaurant may be the only place in the city where women outnumber men. The weekdays are vapid, but there’s still a few chicas about trying out their moves on the dance floor. If I recall it’s on Avenue. H. Christophe.

* If you’re there on the weekend hit up Monte Cristo or Palladium.



This bar is a little over-priced, but attracts beautiful women (many of who are working by the way). You can shore, but you will have to lie about how long you’re in town. On the weekends it attracts all sorts. Not a bad place to warm up before my next recommendation…


Probably the coolest bar in the whole country. On the weekends, this place is fucking crazy. There are pool tables, a cool crowd and a pumping dance floor. This is definitely the place to be. It’s quiet on the weekdays, but I was there on a Monday and still pulled.

Check on this video I found on Port-au-Prince Nightlife

Getting High

courtesy of

Law enforcement: The Haiti police is corrupt so with some dollar you can bride them if you get caught.

Where to buy marijuana: You must know somebody, but because you are a tourist ask the taxi driver or somebody from your hotel.

Marijuana prices: “500 Gourdes” for a good joint.

My Port-au-Prince Experience

Port-au-Prince was a roller-coaster ride, but all-in-all I really enjoyed my time there. I strongly recommend people visit. Haiti was the highlight of my trip to Hispaniola. My last night there I got mugged and laid in the same night, read about my crazy story here.


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9 Responses to Port-au-Prince City Guide (Haiti)

  1. blackdude February 23, 2011 at 1:48 am #

    i like this blog a lot, but i think surfing for poon in haiti is kinda…. heartless dude. just sayin….

    • Naughty Nomad February 23, 2011 at 3:12 am #

      My goal is to visit every country in the world. I didn’t come to Haiti to surf for poon, but I’m not going to stay inside at night and feel guilty about chatting up the local chicks…

      Does it make a difference that my Haitian girl came from a well off background and is studying at university?
      That was the case. Regardless, I don’t think the male libido discriminates based on income level. However, I agree there is a threshold (the poverty line perhaps) where the rules change and exploitation can occur.

  2. koko February 23, 2011 at 2:09 am #

    you prick……i hope it falls off.

  3. Miu March 10, 2011 at 1:33 am #

    Hi Nomad,
    i’m Miu, a Haitian singer. I fell on your blog while planning vacation in Santiago (DR). I think you are seriously doing an amazing job, we should meet whenever it’s possible (contact me).

    Download some of my songs for free:

    Keep it up!:)

  4. Dion September 10, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

    I like your review. I know a lot about Haiti, and I have experienced great times there. “The idea of a diverted earthquake originated from South American Leaders and two American Oil Companies who lost the bid to drill for natural gas in the Island”. We know America didn’t send missiles there, but the explanation these entities from America spun as intelligence, and the rumor from the S. American leaders of amazed the low-literate people. We would do better telling the world where the belief comes from instead of portraying it on these people. I am a die-hard American, but truth be told. Overall, I like your info. I am on my way to Santo Domingo now.

  5. Russel January 24, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

    You’re right about the Jetset, turns crazy on weekend and still a nice place to hang out the other days. Most locals are prostitutes there but it is also packed with drunk international aid workers to hit on. I picked up a French female doctor !


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