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The Men’s Guide to Morocco

Overview Morocco is one of those places that lives up to its reputation. With memorizing landscapes and so many incredible walled medieval cities there’s no wonder it’s top of the list for Hollywood filmmakers. In my humble opinion, it wipes the floor with its North African rival Egypt. It’s not exactly a place to go to get laid or party, […]

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To Those in My Life Who Discover This Blog…

This letter—although not directed at anybody in particular—was prompted by a recent event. This is the third time I’ve published it. This situation will undoubtedly happen again and again, so I’ve went through the effort of preparing a response to future friends and lovers who discover this site… Dear reader, So you’ve found my blog. […]

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How The Sunday World Slandered Me

In 2016, I wouldn’t even use a newspaper to wipe my arse, but yesterday The Irish Sunday World was brought to my attention when they featured a two-page article slandering me with the headline “Sicko with links to pro-rape group”. According to the Sunday World, 2+2 = 5 Look at the quote on the left: “That schoolkid was […]

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The Avalanche

“Have you ever been on a cable car before?” I asked her. “No,” she said, “I’ve never even been skiing.” It was my first day in Andorra, a tiny mountainous nation in the Pyrenees wedged between France and Spain. It was my first new country of 2016, kicking off a long overdue trip after two years hustling […]

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New Year’s Resolutions 2016

2016 has started with a blast. (Hell, yesterday I had sex in a cable car ascending the Pyrenees mountains before a spot of zip lining.) It’s good to be back on the road. As is tradition I’m posting my New Year’s resolutions and looking back at the successes and failures of 2015. Let’s look at last year’s […]

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The Year in Review 2015

2015 was a year of labor and learning. I spent the whole year in NYC and only recently returned to Europe, so it was a tame year. 2015 in review January – April   I continue living and working in the Big Apple and write 10 thing I love and 10 things I hate about the […]

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Farewell, New York.

The time has finally come for me to leave New York City. It has been two years since my last travel adventure, and my wanderlust has reached boiling point. I’m officially jaded. Enough is enough. I’d like to thank those of you who’ve stuck around and followed my banal settled existence during this period of my […]

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The Drug Dealer’s Wife

“I don’t understand it,” said Dom, “There are so many good looking women here, but all the guys are busted.” “They have to be prostitutes or something,” I said, scratching my head. My wingman Dominic Taurus and I were exploring the nightlife in the Spanish ‘hood of Jackson Heights in Queens, New York, and in the […]

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