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Why You Should Learn Arabic

Thinking of learning Arabic?

Not sure where to start?

Confused about what dialect to learn?

Let me save you some ALOT of time.  I’ve traveled  extensively in the Arab world and learned several versions of the language through immersion and …

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The Babylonian: Polyglot Players

The Tower of Babel was an enormous tower built in ancient Mesopatamia (mordern day Iraq). According to the biblical myths, the survivors of Great Flood, speaking one language, went on to build the city of Babylon  with the Tower of Babel at it’s centre. They all lived …

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How to learn a language fast!

Acquiring a language is easy! If you learn the fun way ;)

Language also opens a world of possibilities for meeting exotic women!

The problem is the way in which languages are taught in school. That shit is OUTDATED!

Just use the …

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