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NYC Guide Comes Out Tomorrow: 50% off for 24 hours.

After nearly two years of research the time has finally come. My 140-page Bachelor’s Guide to New York City drops tomorrow at 10 a.m. EST. I’m offering 50% off for the first 24 hours, so be sure to pick up your copy in time!

bookcovergen50% discount 

For Tuesday only!  The eBook and Kindle editions are actually priced at $9.99, but you can pick up a copy for just $4.99 tomorrow!

Naughty Nomad’s Guide to New York City details the different types of women in the city, covers online, night, and day game, and features an comprehensive nightlife section. There’s also ton’s of practical info, custom maps, drawing, and much more. Quite simply, it’s a MUST for any guy visiting NYC.

The reviews have already started to trickle in…

New muthafuckin York.

No matter how many cities or countries I visit there is no replacing the rotten apple as my favorite. This goes for partying, women, cuisine and everything in between.

I was born and raised in Queens so when I got word the Naughty Nomad was popping his head in for a visit, in Halloween naturally, I offered to show him around.

Imagine my surprise, two years later from that day, reading this book and realizing the bastard could probably show me around my own city now!

This book, simply put is a playboy’s replacement to Lonely Planet. 

Do you want to have a decent shot at the…

Glamour Russians, sassy latinas, and voluptuous black women that inhabit this terrain?

Then you need this book.

In total you will receive 140 pages containing:

  • Essential packing gear
  • A budget breakdown
  • Where to stay for long and short term stays (how to avoid getting raped by brokers)
  • What type of women the city holds and where to find them
  • Optimal style of day & night game
  • Best apps for online game
  • Pro tip bar and club recommendations for each borough and day of the week
  • Hacks on cracking the V.I.P. club scene without going broke
  • Maps, cheap date ideas, and so much fucking more!

Having read Mark’s previous book and having assisted in the so-called “research” for this book I can confidently say there is no better guide book out there for the single male nor a better cheeky prick to write said guide book on this fine city.

The reader can expect not only to be informed but entertained with the same dark humor one has come to expect from the Naughty Nomad from beginning to end. This knowledge is worth its weight in gold for anyone whose coming to town with hopes of conquering (or simply surviving) the concrete jungle.


2 Responses to NYC Guide Comes Out Tomorrow: 50% off for 24 hours.

  1. Brian October 13, 2015 at 10:29 am #

    Hi, where do you actually order the book? I dont have a kindle. Went to and it didn’t show up. I’m planning a bachelor party and looking forward to some helpful insight, thanks.

  2. Brianmark October 21, 2015 at 6:49 pm #

    Where did you meet Neil Strauss, at a book signing in NYC?

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