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How to Get Laid Using Instagram

First and foremost follow me on Instagram, ya’ sexy bastards—if you haven’t already. Times Have Changed For better or worse, social media platforms and hook-up apps have become dominant in the modern dating scene. Although most of my success with women has come from picking up at night, I still consider myself one of the godfathers […]

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Pipelining 101 (7 steps to Online Game)

After I coined the term Pipelining, the phrase spread widely across the internet. Since then, I’ve gotten a few requests for an in depth article on the topic, outlining the best way to go about it. Viola… Why Pipeline? Many vagabonding bachelors are familiar with the joys of dating and bedding local women in a foreign country. Those who […]

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“Pipelining” is a practise primarily employed by travellers wanting to meet potential sexual partners in a future destination. Meetings are typically arranged online through social networking and dating sites. The objective is to have potential mates already ‘in the pipeline’ prior to arrival in a certain location, thus vastly increasing the chances of a sexual encounter with a local. […]

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Why Number Closing is outdated

The game has changed. Gone are the days where you ask for her number, or her for yours. We can lay waste to the feelings of doubt and disconcerting angst, that often plagues the mind after you obtain those hopeful digits, reliable or otherwise. That shits over. Number closing is outdated. On my last birthday in September, a young Cameroonian […]

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