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Day game: Direct vs Indirect (video)

Below is Part 2 of an interview I did with Steve from which was featured in my latest book Naughty Nomad’s Guide to New York City. We talk about day game escalation and discuss why being direct works better than indirect.

Edited Transcript Highlights:

What’s better: direct or indirect?

I’m a big fan of the direct approach. Some guys are more comfortable with it, but I’ve tested everything, and I’ve found direct works better. Indirect will get you into more conversations, but it’s less likely those conversations will become sexual. It creates a barrier because at some point you have to transition from a normal conversation into: ‘Hey I like you. Let’s hang out.’ With direct you’re clear for the get-go. You’re being honest, and girls don’t have a chance to classify you as a potential friend or non-sexual. Furthermore, if the girl is just walking down the street, it seems unnatural to just catch up with and stop her just to ask an indirect question. It makes you appear socially maladjusted.

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  1. mike42night February 13, 2016 at 2:13 am #

    In USA night venues “Direct” Cool, aloof, Alpha, type vibe attracts women so why in the day time a far more indirect environment would going direct work?
    1.I am not a fan of day game in the USA, for starters this dude never tells us his success rate or the success rates of men he has taught I have tried day game and found it to be an incredible waist of time as most USA women do not like being approached this way by average looking dudes.
    2. Roosh V also mentions that direct day game is pedestalization due to giving the women initial complements not mention chasing them down only gives them validation.
    3. Krauser a PUA in London list his day game stats and is 2.7% and mostly from Baltic and Slavic Women. Found it PUA Kraser’s Day Game Stats: 1000 approaches, 250 numbers, 60 lays. 1 number in 4 approaches.
    4. Paul Janka another veteran PUA with near 10 in looks and he has the NYC urban Vibe states that 11% of his numbers resulted in sex. EST: higher due to PJ’s looks: 1000 approaches 350 numbers 39 result in sex. 1 number in 3 approaches damn good.
    So Steve let me see some Evidence that your system isn’t the reason NYC women have such high Bitch Shields or that street approaches are better then daytime social events and activities that attract more receptive women. Kenny PUA also from the USA uses Indirect day game. While I am not a fan of approaching random women when they mostly don’t want to be bothered anyway, If an opportunity presents itself I always start indirect to feel them out.

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