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City Guide: Berlin, Germany (Guest Post)

This edited city guide was kindly contributed by Patrick Banks, a forum member who has lived in Berlin for 5 years and writes for Wingman Magazine.


Berlin in a word: Verrückt! (crazy)

Chance of Hooking up: 4 / 5 (marked down .5 by Zolo)
Quality of Girls: 3,5 / 5  (marked down .5 by Zolo)
Nightlife: 4 / 5
Smoking tolerance: 4.5 / 5
Livability: na

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Costs €$£

Beer: $4 for a pint.

Bed: $20 for a private room.

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Berlin is divided into different areas, all containing their own unique atmosphere. Don’t expect overwhelming beauty – the city was destroyed during the war. But it’s a lot of fun, and you will surely not be bored here! What’s more, Berlin is much cheaper than you would expect from the capital of Germany. What attracts me the most is the open-mindedness of its citizens. You can fulfill any sexual fantasy here! Berliners are difficult to surprise and there are hardly any taboos. If you like sex, parties, technology, culture, and street art, you will absolutely love Berlin.

What are the women like? (and any tips?)

german-girls-1In Berlin, you will most likely meet foreigners or German girls from different parts of Germany, rather than native Berliners. There are girls from all over the world; a lot of cute ones with Turkish or Slavic origins.

In my personal opinion, German girls are usually less attractive than their male compatriots. But if you happen to come across a pretty German girl, she will be really gorgeous! You can pass a Claudia Schiffer or Heidi Klum type of girl walking on the street. The pretty ones are usually tall, with long legs, blond hair and a big white smile. There are many men in Berlin so be aware of the competition, but fortunately for us, a lot of them are gay. ☺

Facial composite of average German female

Facial composite of average female

What makes Berlin special regarding picking up women, is the fact that they are really playful and open-minded. They quite often come here just to study or just moved there so they want to spend several months having fun and exploring the Berlin nightlife. I personally experienced and heard from my friends crazy stories about the hooking up culture in Berlin!

Demographics : Population: 3.5 million. 71% ethnic German, 9 % Middle Eastern (100,000 of which are Turkish), 8% Eastern European (mainly Polish), 3% Asian (mainly from Vietnam).

What’s the nightlife like?

Nightlife in Berlin is one of a kind. I have visited many places in the world and I must say that Berlin is the best. With an amazing electro scene and a variety of bars and clubs with great interiors and ambiance.


hall2Parties in Berlin start super late. There is no point to enter a club before 2 or 3 AM, so make sure you take a nap before going out, because you will not end up home before dawn…

To properly start your evening, grab Moscow Mule or Vodka Mate in one of the many bars in Berlin. You can find good drinking options at the posh but cool Torstrasse (Mitte), hipster Weserstrasse (Neukolln) and multinational Oranienstrasse (Kreuzberg).

Adagio club

Adagio club


For a true Berlin experience, go party in Kreuzberg or Upper Friedfrishein. Keep in mind that the night depends on a DJ, so do some research before the particular weekend you are visiting.

The best clubs maintain their rights for selection so remember the main rule in Berlin: it is better to be under-dressed than overdressed. Leave your leather loafers at home and put some cool sneakers on!

A huge downfall of Berlin is the omnipresence of drugs [Zolo: downfall?]. They are commonly accessible in Berlin, and a majority of the people in the clubs seems to be under the influence of some drugs, often multiple combined. However, for some people, this junky side of Berlin might be a plus.

If powerful Berlin nightlife is not enough for you, try Kit Kat club. As long as you don’t mind being asked to get practically naked before entering the place and watching people having sex all around you….

Any other info or recommendations?

If you are looking for the classical European beauty, stay somewhere in Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg. These areas posses typical European architecture, are full of good places to eat and designer shops. But if you want to feel some hype atmosphere of Berlin, check out Kreuzberg, Nuekolln and Friedrishein. This is where true Berlin nightlife is going on right now.



Badeshiff– swimming pool on a spree, bar and beach party with girls in bikinis at once. Open only during the summer.

Tempelhof– an old airport, now covered with grass where people grill, watch the sunset and fly kites.

Tiergarten – Huge and beautiful park in the middle of the city. In the summer people are sunbathing there.

Opener cinemas– you can find opener cinemas everywhere in Berlin during the summer. My personal recommendation is the one in Hasenheide Park.

What was your personal experience of the city?

I have American origins but I have lived in Berlin for 5 years. I love how easy going Berlin is. I really enjoy the colorful mixture of the people and its laid back atmosphere. Currently, I work here as a dating and motivational coach. I believe that with a proper attitude, a good understanding of the mechanisms that drive human interactions and new technologies, every man can become personally and professionally successful. You can check out my blog about dating, relationships and personal development.


Patrick-BanksPatrick Banks is a Berlin based freelance writer, travelling addict and full-time dating adviser. He loves encouraging people to grow and reach their highest potential. He provides tips on how to boost energy and feel confident in your own skin at his Wingman Magazine.

Zolo’s input

vampire-lounge-and-tasting-room_s345x230 I was in Berlin for two nights with four friends a few years back. The most memorable moment attended a club during a show called “Da Fisting club”, where female volunteers got on stage to fist a performer to loud house music and applause from the audience. Mad stuff. I recommend checking out to 666 Anti-pub crawl. It took us to a vampire bar, a ping pong place, and an awesome reggae spot where everybody was blazing up. Got f**ked up, but had a blast.

On a side note, if you’re ever in Salzburg, check out my friend’s bar Celtic Spirit, it’s easily the best Irish pub in Salzburg.

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6 Responses to City Guide: Berlin, Germany (Guest Post)

  1. Lika January 28, 2015 at 9:22 pm #

    Chance of hooking up: 4,5/5 is pure nonsense…

    It’s maximum 3, compared to all the other guides

    • splooge January 31, 2015 at 12:30 am #

      then it woukd be on par with lebanon. germany is very sexuallly librarl. ever see tall creepy n handsome do 10 walk in berlin and the german girls were hittin on him.
      but why would zolo knock off .5 . is because hes into dark women?

  2. max January 30, 2015 at 4:22 am #

    The City I remember was West Berlin 1989-1990.
    Yes, I was there when the wall went down…
    Did hang around in Kreuzberg, Spandau,…Tegel..Charlottenburg…ZOO
    Yo know free passes for BVG and did ride high !
    Who remember Trabant invasion ?

    • Aldo February 1, 2015 at 6:24 am #

      Was in Berlin two nights during November. I was super excited to go, as I heard it is the wildest place in Europe. I was pretty disappointed with not being let into the bigger name clubs, after trying two nights in a row. I guess I was a little too over-dressed or not Berlin-hipster enough.

      I cannot shut Berlin totally down just yet though, I have to give it another shot as it does have a great reputation.

  3. Rick91 February 2, 2015 at 2:12 pm #

    I’d say Berlin is easier to hook up than most european cities but by like 0.5. There’s not a city in Europe that gets better than a 3.5 for chances of hooking up IMO. Putting it in the same league of easiness as the phils and thailand sort of retards the scale.

    I was completely unaware that there was countries that were significantly easier than others before I found this site. I’d keep the rating system legit theres very few sites that have such a thing. The COH rating is like my compass of where to go.

  4. Steve August 3, 2017 at 8:21 pm #

    I was born in Western-Berlin during the cold war and I was a teenager when the wall fell down. Since that time Berlin changed dramatically. I can confirm that Berlin is one of the craziest cities in Europe. It still has the biggest hardcore sex-scene that I personally know, including swinger-clubs, SM-Studios, bareback-parties and even that fisting stuff you joined… I agree that the most native Berlin girls looking averaged, not to say ugly, but they know how to fuck – and I don’t mean just boring GF sex.

    If you more into beautyful handsome German gals, consider the City of Stuttgart next time ya come 2 ma Country. We have plenty of young adorable n fuckable students out here, most of them clubbing around at Theodor-Heuss-Straße at saturday night although there a bit stubborn. And there is also a big “underground-scene” that the averaged tourist will never set eyes on. And if ya feel like hooking up an African Beauty, there is a blooming noncommercial Kenyan community in town.

    Anyway: Keep having fun and don’t stop your good work!

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