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The Men’s Guide to Tunisia (Including Video)

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When it comes to good looking girls, liberal attitudes, and nightlife, Tunisia is the best country in North Africa. It’s also the smallest country in the region, making it easy to explore it’s main attractions on a short trip. That said, while it can be fun and there’s are a few cool things to see, as a travel destination it’s not nearly as memorable, likable, or impressive as Morocco (guide here).

Below I give my 10 day itinerary for the country, as some other travel ideas, and review the highlights. Due to terrorist attacks in 2015 tourism is suffering badly, which is good for sights, but bad for nightlife.

For a better feel of the country, check out this video I made showing the highlights of our trip:

Itineraries for 1-2 weeks

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Recommended stop-offs for a 2 week trip

After a lot of research, here was the itinerary I made:

  • Tunis: Or should I say the suburbs of Tunis (La Marsa, Sidi Bou Said and La Gammarth). It’s spread out and pretty modern, but has decent food and nightlife. I had more fun here that anywhere in Tunisia.
  • Sousse: Another city with good nightlife and a medina. A great great stop-off on our trip. It even had an ice bar!
  • Tozeur & around: The highlight for pictures, nature, and adventure. The area feature three oases and a cool Star Wars set.
  • Djerba Island: Former tourist hot-spot, now a depressing ghost island.  Not recommended.

Places I didn’t get to visit, but wanted to:

  • Matmata: Another Star Wars set with cave-like homes.
  • Tattouine: Another Star Wars set that looks similar to Matmata, but way cooler. It’s very off the beaten track, however.
  • Hammamet: Supposedly the nightlife capital of Tunisia with a ton of resorts,  but like Djerba it’s a shadow of its former self.
  • El Jem: The Colosseum without the tourists.
  • Douz: Tourist hub for desert exploration. Tunisia’s answer to Erg Chebbi, it seems.
  • Monastir: Beautiful old coatal town that everybody seemed to recommend.

The Girls

Related imageGirls in Tunis are surprisingly light-skinned and European, but the farther south you go you’ll find darker shades and women of Berber descent. Overall, I thought Tunisian women were far more attractive than their counterparts in Egypt and Morocco.

Tunisian girls are also the most liberal in North Africa (although that’s not saying much). It’s similar to Lebanon or Armenia. Stick to the big cities if you want to pick up, because down in the country it’s almost impossible.

For more detailed information on Tunisian girl’s appearance, attitudes, and to find out how to pick them up, I strongly recommend my detailed Tunis City Guide.

I also recommend you learn French or Modern Standard Arabic before your trip.

Destination Snapshots


Tunis was my favorite place in Tunisia, but only because the rest of the country felt a little of devoid of life and a little bit depressing. As mentioned above, check out Tunis City Guide for a full breakdown on the city.



Another major coastal city and considered very liberal. We were only here for one night, but it was easily the wildest night of the trip. Think MDMA and an ice bar! (Ask the bartenders at your hotel for “locos”). We even found an after-hours venues with live music that didn’t finish up until after 6AM!

Ice bar in Sousse, Tunisia. Before the MDMA kicks in 🙂

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We started off the night at Igloo Ice bar. It was  housed in our hotel and quite reasonable for the experience. We then spent most of the night in the club at Gold brau. We had a blast here. Lots of nice women, great DJs, but a bad place for solo guys. There were too many groups and table service. We then finished up a massive nightclub next door that was way better for mingling.  This place looked wild. However, none of us remember anything from there. I only saw some footage I took on my phone while wasted. You’d swear we were in Ibiza. Another venue recommended to us was Saloon, but they refused us entry because it was too late.


Tozeur: Oases and Star Wars Set

Oasis and Star Wars set in southern Tunisia.

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Like the rest of Tunisia, Tozeur and it’s surrounding sights were practically devoid of  tourists, but in this case that was a blessing. It felt like we had the place all to ourselves. Using the town of Tozuer as your base, in this area you’ll find three major oases and also the Star Wars film set for Tatooine. We rented a car and were able to visit all four locations in a single day trip without difficulty.  There are also tours available.

If you’re self-driving the three oasis are called Tamerza, Chebika, and Mides. Try to leave Chebika for last as it’s the most beautiful.

The Star Wars set is in the opposite direction to the oases at a place called Oung Jemel. This place is pretty cool and great for pictures. We choose to visit it after the oases near sunset.

Djerba Island

Quading in Djerba, Tunisia.

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Don’t go here. They had incredible hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, but everywhere was deserted. It was the same with the airport. The only fun thing we did here was some quading and visit the local market. I’m sure things with get better in a few years, but right now as of 2017, it’s a ghost island.

Other Resources

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