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How I Made A 37% Return in 14 weeks By Milking a Ponzi Scheme

WARNING: The following is a brutally honest account of my personal experience. I DO NOT recommend this method. Always diversify your portfolio, risk what you have to loose, and know when to cash in your chips. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Okay nomads, following up on my post about making easy money online with Matched Betting (highly recommended), I’d like to share another less-recommended online hustle I’ve experimented with over the last couple of months.

With this method I made a whopping 37% return in just 14 weeks, cashing in my profits and recouping my initial investment. I currently have that cash back in my bank account.

This is not bullshit.

Sound too good to be true? Well, there is a catch of course. Keep reading.

It’s called RevShare, and I don’t endorse it.

Did you ever see those ads on Facebook and elsewhere saying, “You can make $1000 a day from home!” or “Get at a 120% return in 30 days!”

Well,  I’m the idiot who’s signs up to try them out. I’ll do a bit of research and see what others have to say about it, and if my gut tells me to go for it, I do. €500 here, €500 there. I diversify and try everything rather than have my money stagnating in a bank account.

Anyway, most of these get rich schemes are bullshit (candlestick day trading, for example), or the numbers are wildly exaggerated.

However, one that actually delivered was the web’s largest RevShare’s company, Mypayingads.

What is RevShare/Mypayingads?

It’s a giant ponzi/pyramid scheme, but I don’t really care because I got paid without referring anybody.

You essentially “buy advertising” in the form of “ad packs”, and these will generate a 120% return over 60 days. You’re paid a small amount daily (around 2%), which you can then either withdraw or “reinvest” for more adpacks, compounding your earnings.

The only thing that you are required to do is click 10 ads per day.

You can “invest” as little as $5, and there is a maximum daily withdrawal limit of $200.

I only invested what I had to loose. Some people are making a full time income of this by maxing out their accounts, but those people are going to get burned eventually.

My Strategy 

Hit and run. I have no idea how long this company is going to be around for and the whole thing confuses me, so I was conservative with my plan. Here’s what I did.

  • A intial investment of $570 (I tested it with $20 then put in $550 three days later), following by a 6 week period where I reinvested all my earnings.
  • This was followed by an 8 week withdrawal period

At the end of that 14 week period, I had withdrawn a total of $800. There was also a $10 monthly membership fee to buy Tier 2 ad packs (any investment over $250) and I paid this twice, so an extra $20 in total. I didn’t need to keep paying this during the withdrawal phase.

So in sum: $800 – ($570 + $20) = $230 profit, a 37% return!

There you have. If that sounds tempting to you and you have some play money, go to and check it out (if you are as stupid as me to sign up, use this link so I can milk this cow even more. They pay commission for referrals. I presume that’s how they’re able to grow and keep this scam going. I might as well get paid in the process. I have no ethical problems with this. I warned you.)

Do your own research, read what others have to say about it, and decide for yourself. All I can recommend is that you go in with a strategy and stick to it. Then BAIL, because this gravy train can’t last forever. Get out before the end of 2018.

One mistake I made

With my initial investment, half was invested in dollars with Payza, and the other half was in Bitcoin. (They no longer accept Paypal). Had I just kept on to my Bitcoin I would have made a greater return! For this reason I would avoid MPA’s sister site mypayingcryptoads.

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  1. sammy June 30, 2017 at 9:52 pm #

    ” I have no ethnic problems with this”-lol ,u mean ethical

    which reminds me ,,,you need to go back to Africa and document some adventures

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