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Snapshot: Nagoro Karabakh (with video)

Snapshots are mini town/city guides for smaller places or cities I have only experienced briefly. Here’s a little snapshot of Nagoro Karabakh (known as Artsakh locally). What are one’s first impressions of Artsakh? Where the hell am I? Most of you probably haven’t heard of this little self-proclaimed republic. (It hard to be taken seriously when your flag […]

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City Guide: Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan in a word: Passable. Chance of Hooking up: 1.75 / 5 Quality of Girls: 3.75 / 5 Nightlife: 2 / 5 Smoking tolerance: 2 / 5 City guide ratings explained Costs €$£ Bachelor’s budget: $50 per day Beer: $1.70 a pint. Bed: $30 per night for an apartment. Bud: $30 for a matchbox. Food: $2-3 for a meal. Currency […]

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