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Udon Thani Nightlife, Dating & Lifestyle

The following is a guest post by AsiaLibertine.

The Udon Thani nightlife scene is one of Thailand’s more sedate after-dark offerings, but it does have an ace up its sleeve for some guys. In particular, guys who are interested in getting away from western culture for an extended period of time, maybe even permanently, will want to consider it.

Thailand is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world, but I hear a lot of disgruntlement coming from guys who have opted to set up new homes in the most popular tourist destinations in the kingdom. Those places are great for short holidays, but living in such places for any length of time can easily take a big toll on your health and your finances.

Local ladies in Udon Thani

Another reason for the disgruntlement from tourist areas comes down to the changing nature of the nightlife entertainment there, and whilst the popular destinations are still a lot of fun (Pattaya is my personal favourite) there is no doubt that the fun factor is fading. Prices are rising, service standards are falling, and more than a few Thais are justifiably tired of the antics that a sizable number of western tourists engage themselves in.

I won’t be talking about those antics, but anyone with any knowledge of Pattaya will instantly know about the city’s reputation, and can easily imagine the sort of tourists that it has traditionally appealed to…

The sharing of information via the internet has done a lot to make the world a smaller place and you can feel it in the big cities in Thailand. Where once you would walk around and experience real Thai culture, with ever smiling faces, friendly people and a slower pace of life, these days you find that globalization has changed things into a more familiar, westernized sort of setting.

Economic development is a fine thing for the local Thai people who find themselves with more money, extra job security, better healthcare and so on, but these advantages also come with more responsibilities, and a higher workload. The end result is a place where the pace of life is gradually speeding up and the famous Thai smiles are starting to disappear.

You hear a lot more moaning about unimportant stuff, there’s more noise, less time, and higher stress levels. For many of the expats in town this is exactly the sort of thing that they were trying to get away from.

And that’s where the Udon Thani nightlife comes in.

A typical beer bar in the city

Udon Thai Nightlife Attractions

The Udon Thani nightlife is much more reserved than the madness of Pattaya and similar tourist hot-spots, and it won’t tempt you to spend nearly as much money or drink as much alcohol. This is obviously not going to be much of a selling point for people planning a vacation, but it is an oasis of sanity for those westerners who want to find a permanent base of operations in Thailand.

There is still a good selection of bars to choose from here, with the ‘Day & Night’ complex and surrounding area being home to most of them.

As is the way with Thailand, the Udon Thani nightlife has lots of bars in which you can easily meet local ladies, but there’s none of the pressure to spend recklessly on drinks here, which is in stark contrast to similar bars in the main tourist areas.

There’s a mix of western and Thai music and, whilst the Thai music is 1980s cringe-worthy bad, there’s no denying that it gives a real sense of local culture. The local women love it, and many of them like to get up and sing their hearts out at the karaoke bars in town.

Thai women in the traditional areas of Thailand are so sweet, feminine and lovely that I find it hard to describe them in a way that does them justice… they not at all like modern western women and once you get to know them it’s easy to understand why so many western guys fall for traditional Thai girls.

Living in Udon Thani

Located right at the northeast tip of the country, Udon Thani is sufficiently distant from the main economic development hubs to have allowed it to retain its sense of identity. The local smiles are abundant and genuine, and as a westerner you’ll still have some novelty value here. The local people take a genuine interest in us and why we have come to visit their city.

Chief amongst the advantages of living here are:

  • The cheap prices – there are few places that can match Udon Thani for value, and the basic costs of essential items are so low here that you can live very well for next to nothing.
  • Friendliness of the Thai people – As mentioned, the local people are very friendly and welcoming to foreigners in a way that is no longer typical in some parts of the country.
  • The close proximity to Vientiane – Visa runs are necessary for some guys on long-stay visas and it helps that Laos is so nearby. It’s also good for an excursion if you feel like a change of scenery.

The close proximity of the city to the Laos border makes it a very convenient place to be located on those occasions when you need to exit the country. Long-term visas for Thailand usually require that the foreigner leaves the country every so often, and from Udon Thani it’s a simple hop over the border to Vientiane.

Udon Thani has plenty of modern facilities

Whilst the advantages of living in this city have drawn a small but significant body of expats, there’s only a relatively small number of backpackers and tourists who make it to Udon Thani. This is a fine thing if you want to avoid the woolly-back knuckle-dragging morons who give refined gentlemen like you and I a bad name 🙂

I have no objection to the tourism scene in Thailand, but when you are looking for a place to settle down for the long haul it’s a good idea to choose a location that’s a good distance away from the bars and temptations that can lead a man astray…

Trust me on this; I’ve lived in Pattaya (Thailand’s main party town) and I do love the place, but once the sun goes down and the lights are switched on, it’s easy to be drawn out like a moth to flame. It’s all good fun but it comes at a price – both in terms of your finances and your health.

Dating Udon Thani Girls

If you are intending to find a girlfriend on a long-term basis then the best Udon Thani girls will be a good match for you if you share their traditional values. By that I mean that you need to be a responsible family man if you want to enjoy a successful romance. Family is everything in Thailand and winning the heart of an honest lady will still require the approval of her family if romance is to blossom.

The local ladies are a pleasant lot to talk to, and there’s not even a hint of the feminazi attitudes that you sometimes get in the western world. A decent Thai lady will treat you with the utmost respect, but only if you choose wisely. You can get my best advice on how to go about doing this by downloading my Thai Dating Cheat Sheet and putting my dating tips to work.

Above all when looking for a serious Thai girlfriend, steer well clear of the bars. The Day & Night complex is good fun but if you get too attached to a bar girl there then you can easily end up be taken advantage of…


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  1. Giù December 12, 2018 at 6:05 pm #

    Probably the most lovely sex friend I ever had was a Thai girl from the Udon Thani area (leaving in Europe), slim, sensuous, high cheek bones, natural plump lips, enhanced breasts. We used to meet once a week, back in the ‘naught(y) years’ 2005 onwards. She would start our encounters by French kissing, sweet and sexily, enjoying having her beautiful lips licked and sucked. We’d be getting naughty right away. Her knack was licking my body in the most sensual way ever, tickling, lapping, teasing, maintaining a constant excitement state, letting herself be licked for a long time, until reaching a first, tension-releasing orgasm. She’d then wrap me, squat on my thighs with her lovely feet in the reverse cowgirl position, and enjoy a bit of ups and downs, getting incredibly wet in the process. She’d then turn and squat on me face to face, increasing the pace of ups and downs, until her eyes would became two minuscule slits and her head would turn backwards, lost in pleasure. Most of the times, watching her plunge so joyously in pleasure would increase my stamina. I’d then rhythmically rise my hips, letting her feel my hardness up to the hilt. She’d then completely close her eyes, up the tempo, until a third, thundering orgasm would take her to some high Himalayan plateau … I’d come in a primordial release, in many, streaming loads, screaming, feeling her pleasured sweat mix with mine. What a heart-shattering memory!

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