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A Backpacker’s Guide to Getting Laid in Latin America

The following is a guest post by Masculine Profiles.

Image result for latin america mapThis is your naughty backpacker’s guide to get laid in Latin America. As you already know, Latin America is a sunshine of many young fine Latin women.

Sometimes it can be difficult for backpackers to get their quick fix because locals know if you’re just an explorer. They know that you’re just here to have fun and nothing serious. These women definitely know what they want and are not afraid to display it. So if you want to fix that you should follow this guide!

These are just some tips that have seem to work in my experiences. So let me know what you think! I’m totally open to any other suggestions or arguments you have about my strategy.

*Just a note: many parts of Latin America have different views of foreigners so be cautious of how you are pulling your game. It can get nasty or go really well so it’s up to your judgment of the situation. Without further adieu, here’s our top 3 tips:

Utilize technology

Image result for girl on smartphoneTinder is a great start to getting your foot in the door when it comes to setting up dates. This is pretty given for many backpackers who are trying to meet hot singles in a country they haven’t been to. In my experiences, girls here love to mingle on the app then meet on the same day.

So it’s definitely not hard to set up a date, but that’s when it gets tricky when you meet to hang out. You know you’re set on getting laid, but you will be expected to have some failures.

Anyway after having a successful it’s pretty much slam dunk as long as you have your own place which is affordable so congrats! I highly advise using Tinder in certain parts of Latin America where it can be pretty effective so definitely give it a try.

However, don’t just utilize Tinder. There are sites like Latin American Cupid that work wonders. It’s not free to use but you can check out my Latin American Cupid review to see if it’s right for you.


Image result for fun hostelsHostels are a great place to meeting your fellow neighboring backpackers who are also there to get laid. Mingle with everyone there because it’s obvious that you all want something out of this trip. This is another option if you’re not getting some from your locals. I’ve had many successes when it comes to having sex with fellow backpackers. Girls here are very often open minded and down to earth so if you play it right you can get some here.

This is another good potential of creating a social circle when going out to bars or clubs. This will help to build up your chances a lot since people who are alone tend to be seen as creepy while those with friends have been proven to be more desirable.

PRO TIP: Buy a big case of beer and share it the people there. You automatically become the most popular guy and there are always a few girls who linger towards the end of the night if conversation is good and they don’t think you’re creepy. This is my favorite technique to use when going to hostels and it tends to work more often than not. Beer is life.

Learn some Spanish

tumblr_mak6vwaqa61r1kgsko1_500Having to speak it with confidence as a backpacker can improve your chances of getting laid on the first hangout (weird to call them dates while back packing) – even if they are travelers just like you.

So pick up a book while you head into any of the countries and know the keywords. Just knowing the basics, I was able to make a girl laugh with some very basic Spanglish. They always think it’s sexy and charming.

This is great to do if you have some spare time before starting your backpacking journey. However, you get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone since it’ll not only help you with fellow backpackers, but also locals. Locals love it when you show some appreciation for their culture – and that includes language!

Dress sense

Image result for dress sharp travelAlways keep some clean clothes available. I’m not trying to be your mom when I say this, but this is something that always gives me a nice confidence booster. When you’re backpacking it can be tough always having some fresh clothes available – particularly if you have to maybe camp overnight.

When you’re in your dirty clothes it can be tempting to change into some fresh new ones. However, if it’s your last set of clean clothes you might regret it 2 days later after wearing it and you’re about to meet up with a chick you’ve been talking to.

I don’t actually know if chicks know the difference between my fresh clean clothes and ones I might have already been wearing for a day. However, I know that shit helps me when I don’t have to worry about my funk. That way I can just focus on the girl and getting the notch.

Plan ahead and strategize how you want to get laid even though it takes a lot of effort. I find it as an opportunity to learn and grow new skills sets in adapting. Follow these tips and chances are good you’ll be able to have sleep with some beautiful women (both travelers and locals alike).

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Snip20150930_28Author Bio:

I love traveling and most of my experience has actually been in Latin America.

I’m always down for more adventures and to really live life to its fullest. You can read more about my tips and experiences at Masculine Profiles.

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