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The SWAN Effect

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“White flight” is a term used to describe the large-scale migration of white people. Originally, it was applied to white city-dwellers moving to the suburbs to escape the racial minorities in the 1960’s America (Detroit and Cleveland are prime examples). Nowadays, the term is also associated with everything from capital flight, to urban decay, to the post-colonial emigration of whites from Africa.

Today, I want to discuss another related social phenomena—one that seriously impacts men like you and I with a penchant for exotic women.

It’s called The SWAN Effect: Sexy Women Affecting North.job

Ever wonder why it seems like all the hottest women from certain developing nations are always found OUTSIDE their country of origin?

It’s a real thing.

Go to New Delhi and it’s full of troll-women, but go to London and you’ll see some Indian girls that will literally take your breath away.

Or take Dominican Republic. On my visit to the country, I was seriously unimpressed with the talent, but witnessing the Dominican stock in New York, I walk around with a perma-boner.

It’s the same deal with so many countries.

You see these honey-skinned hotties in your own country and think, “Damn, I need to visit there.” Then you go there and you’re like, “What the fuck!? What’s up with all these ugly bitches?”

What gives?

Well, like “White flight’, it all comes down to social mobility.

Tundra Swans flying in a clear blue winter sky.

Quite simply, hotter women have greater access to men with resources, are more likely to be upper class, and therefore have a easier time escaping their third-world sty for a prosperous new life in the West.

Of course, they don’t always go north to the the U.S and Europe—some go to Australia and New Zealand—but then the use of a clever acronym in the form of a beautiful migrating bird just wouldn’t have worked.

Anyway, the SWAN effect is something you should consider when making your travel plans. When it comes to beautiful women, the source isn’t always the best hunting grounds. Sometimes, it’s just right around the corner.

15 Responses to The SWAN Effect

  1. Guy Jones July 1, 2015 at 6:17 pm #

    Whilst this is partly correct, it isn’t entirely. Most countries in the EU, Ex soviet states and latin and South American countries have their share of rich and succesful men, therefore, particularly the case with Eastern Europeans, the prettiest ones stay behind as they are the only ones able to climb the social ladder and get with these men. The ugly, realising that you cannot get with an oligarch or mafia boss, head to for example the UK as they see/think (somewhat mistakenly, luck, heritage and education play big roles), that hard work and determination can make you succesful in your own right. That is certainly my experience. I have seen some ugly greeks and bulgarian ladies in the UK, whereas they are extremely fine in Bulgaria and Macedonia (greek). Certainly some do travel, but really it is a mixture, and it is amazing what being able to afford more expensive make-up or a make-up artist can do with a better off job found in those countries mentioned, so that perception of them being prettier in certain cases is false.

    • Mark Zolo July 1, 2015 at 7:40 pm #

      This is true, but I won’t consider EE third world. Notice I also mention honey-skinned hotties. What you’re talking about was on my mind when I wrote this.

      • Brianmark July 4, 2015 at 5:11 pm #

        Yes, the West may have some of the best looking girls from their respective countries here. The problem is that many of these EE or LA girls become Americanized very quickly and then aren’t much fun and not much better than American born girls. Most came here for the money, so many are workaholics. Yes, the quality may be good in the West, but give them one generation or less and you’ll see fat Thai girls too.

  2. Double A July 2, 2015 at 5:30 pm #

    What I gathered from the article is the massage of the glass half full. You make most of the situation you have. My own back yard is full of Ethiopian, Ukranian and Asian women. If you are into Filipinas for example, there are large communities in the LA and the SF areas. If traveling to Philly is too involved or costly try it in your own back yard.

    Ok, if you are analytical and play the devils advocate and look for the down side there is always one to be found. For example if you set out for the hunt for Filipinas, a down side could be that they might work as a nurse and make more than you do,lol. They have other horny dudes trying to get some as well, so you might not be as hot of a commodity as you would be in the poverty stricken Manila. Yes there are rich people everywhere, I am referring to the majority of the population. In a lot of developing countries being from Ireland or the U.S. is still cool and adds to the peacocking significantly.

    I am 40. The challenge I have is banging quality 20 somethings in the U.S. It is pretty darn hard. I can get cougars all day but they do nothing for me.



  3. Ali S July 2, 2015 at 6:27 pm #

    Cultural norms have a lot to do with it too. Take your example of Indians in the UK for example. In India there is a shortage of women in general – factor that with the caste system and arranged marriages and it means that women don’t preen themselves for a suitor because they know that they will have one ready for them anyway.

    As a South Asian man who grew up both in the homeland and in North America, let me tell you that contrary to what the manosphere may lead you to believe, sexual standards in the West – purely in terms of looks – are simply higher and there is far more cultural importance placed on how you look than back home. Maybe it’s different in Eastern Europe and Latin countries, but this is very true for most of Asia where gender ratios are quite skewed and the concept of dating is limited to a fringe segment of society.

    • splooge July 2, 2015 at 10:41 pm #

      roosh did touch on this. In traditional countries youd rather have money then muscles. Like think about all the ugly russian men you seen with good looking wives or nerdy guys with asian girls.

      though its worth noting there are more women then men in EE while the inverse is true in India,pakistan and china. Though its strange that india has “groom Kidnappings”.

      so when theres a surplus the other has it easy. So many cute russian girls with ugly guys and many ugly indian girls with cute indian guys.
      supply and demand.
      Otherwise just better to go where the gendar imbalance favors you

      • Sin October 5, 2016 at 8:52 pm #

        Dont know about india and chine but Pakistan has more women and they have even introduced them in the military cause men die more in wars.

  4. Double A July 2, 2015 at 7:35 pm #

    Ali, cultural norms do have a lot to do with it. I agree 100%. If I was to go to Turkey and try to hook up with a Turkish chick I could very easily encounter some problems. The same Turkish dudes that would lynch me for trying to hook up with their cousin or sister have no problem going to the Baltics to get some. India is a different bag and one that I have no interest in attempting to tackle. Too complicated.

    • splooge July 2, 2015 at 10:34 pm #

      Ill jump into that turkish mindset which is from the middle eastern and/or muslim mindset.
      It is unacceptable to hit on a chaste girl. And most girls in turkey are not easy and the men want to keep it that way so they can marry and have kids with them.
      But the baltics or europe is just one big brothel.
      sluts are meant to be shared so who cares. But good girls are to be left alone.
      If they know youre hitting on an easy turkish girl then they wont care. But usually shes hanging around a male relative in public.

  5. splooge July 2, 2015 at 10:27 pm #

    OMG thank you,Ive noticed this too but when the foreign girls hear this they get pissed off. Even foreign guys notice this too, only loss is the western ones are not wife material.

    But those nations you mention like india,DR,middle east or SEA its usually the western born ones that are hotter then their homeland counterpart. Like many of the FOBs I see arent all that special. But their western born counterparts…DAYM. The foreigners even try dressing like them but you can still tell by looking at them.

    It must be growth hormones like you notice asian girls born here are more curvy then back home but the homeland ones have the more softer facial features.

    I cant confirm DR girls, but ones from india,asia and middle east and latinas to an extent yes.

    I dont know why though that EE and LA has many good looking women but not quite the same in middle east,south asia and SEA(unless western born). Probably that the former dont have severe legit poverty just shawty infrastructure perhaps.

  6. Double A July 2, 2015 at 10:59 pm #


    “It is unacceptable to hit on a chaste girl. And most girls in turkey are not easy and the men want to keep it that way so they can marry and have kids with them.
    But the baltics or europe is just one big brothel.”

    So Europe is one big brothel. All European women are sluts?

    This site if I am not mistaken is a meeting place where cool dudes share stories of hooking up regardless of ethnicity and where they come from.
    But, your mindset shows nothing further from the truth. You take a selfish stand, filled with hasty generalizations. Share your women like we Europeans share ours. Don’t be greedy. Let the muslim girls get fucked by us Europeans and wise versa. Don’t guard them so closely we are all one big happy global family. They want the white cock, let them out of their cages.

    • splooge July 14, 2015 at 5:02 pm #

      yes it pretty much is…HOw are they not?,along with SEA and you can thank american degenerate culture for that. But of course in european standards theres no such thing. Dont see why its an insult if they own it, especially when they act it.

      Dude this part of the net is about generalizations on how to get laid. Its not about exceptions to the rule like finding the one chaste girl in sweden or the village bike in oman. We look at them in detail so we know whats up so we can get those cool stories.
      Your mindset is only good for the short term and its a selfish rather a crab in the bucket mindset. Its similar to when degenerate sjw feminists say “you should be free an human like us and come to the 21st century”..

      Given the choice youd want europe to be traditional again, you dont want your sister,mom or daughter to be promiscuous.Your girls are no longer marriage material hence your population decline. It shouldnt be a shock that sweden has the most thai brides P4P. You are not sharing them willingly, you are putting up with it because you have no say in the matter.

      The only decent euro girls left are the slavic girls you guys chase. Because they cook,clean,look good and have lower notch count. If you pick a say a british girl and ask for her to cook you a meal or stay in shape shell flip you off.

      The only time they let these women out, is when they are confirmed party girls and yes theyll let whomever have fun with them. But the good ones, no one touches them even the locals.

      There are some good aspects to enjoy in europe and the west, it has its negatives as well and should be avoided

  7. Skins July 10, 2015 at 7:55 am #

    Haha true shit but there’s still plenty of hotties to keep us travelers occupied! Also, girls are bound to look better when they are living a more affluent lifestyle. Decked out in the latest fashions, hair done, make up, etc.

    I’m sure they didn’t look that attractive when they were wearing flip flops and scrubbing the floor of aunties noodle shop. 🙂

  8. Starlily July 12, 2015 at 2:48 pm #

    Off-topic, but this looks like a good movie.

    How come NN never does any posts on Ireland?

    @ Zolo,

    If you met a woman abroad, would you bring her back to Ireland or move to where she is?

  9. Rod September 11, 2015 at 6:57 am #


    ”Given the choice youd want europe to be traditional again, you dont want your sister,mom or daughter to be promiscuous.Your girls are no longer marriage material hence your population decline. .”

    Yeah, it makes sense regarding the population decline, since they become ”men” themselves, build a carrer, are more independent, etc, but why would that be a bad thing ?

    I wouldn’t mind my sister, mom or daughter being promiscuous, why would I mind ? If being promiscuous makes u happy, why not ? Fwiw I’m not attracted at all to girls who behave like guys or which are not feminine enough, but they should be entitled to do whatever they want.

    Why does being hard equals being good ? Everybody would be much happier if they had more sex, both guys and girls.

    Or do you think that building a family with a ”right” woman is the way to go ? If you do, good for you, but what if somebody deviates from this model ? What if the guy is gay ? does he deserves to be stoned because he wants to be ”promiscuous”?

    Ah, for me I consider a girl marriage material if she is pretty, smart and who is also good in bed. Or else I would be in trouble, imagine if I marry a girl and then the sex sucks ? wow I don’t even wanna imagine that…

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