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The Manosphere 2.0: Reactionary to Progressive

In just a very short time, the manosphere has proliferated, encompassing a diverse array of blogs on everything from pick-up to work-out programs to introspective intellectual discourse on Western society. But ultimately, the manosphere is about men seeking to improve themselves, both personally and as a group.

They offer the “Red Pill”: The cold truth.

Most of the time, we’re all on the same page. However, over time ‘the movement’ (if you could call it that) has started to change. It has started to evolve. But first and foremost, let’s examine it as a reactionary movement.

The Reactionary Manosphere

While the manosphere is a mixed bag, most of the prominent manosphere bloggers are traditional-conservatives, nearly all American, who are really pissed off—and rightly so. As third wave feminism infects their society and corrupts female minds, women are taught to emulate men with regard to their sexual behavior. Never mind empirical evidence on differences in genetic imperatives. Never mind evolutionary biology 101. Never mind the fact that a greater number of sexual partners decreases a woman’s ability to pair bond. Never mind the  divorce rate, the broken homes, and the debt-ridden welfare state. Forget all that.

Sadly, the new ‘equalism’  in the West trumps logic and science in the 21st century. Political correctness/cultural Marxism is  the new religion, and any person who intelligently debates it’s follies  is shamed publicly for their heresy—both socially and in the mainstream media.

The reaction of many in the manosphere? Anger. They want it to stop. They want the balance restored. Many bloggers use the tools of critical theory (responsible for feminist theory) to counter-attack.  They talk about gender-bias and the fem-centric paradigm of the media, the courts, and the political system. They voice the injustice. And very often, they have a point.

However, as many of the Reactionaries have figured, the problem with this approach is that’s it’s fucking useless. The new thought police are impervious to logic. Today, as throughout history, rationale is rarely “right”. People are sheep and reason gets put on the back burner when it comes to people’s feeeellllings!!!

Only action can effect change.

The Progressive Manosphere

I understand that ‘progressive’ can be a dirty word in the US. ‘Progress” is not always good. After all, killing Jews was also considered ‘progressive’ in Nazi-Germany. But let’s just take the word in its ordinary meaning and redefine it for us men.

The new manosphere is about progress. It’s about dialogue. It’s about options. We see the mess around us, but now we’re looking for the flowers after the flood. Realizing the futility of fighting the system, The MGTOW  (Men going their own way) movement continues to blossom.

Western men who have taken ‘the red pill’ are starting to reject their broken women and are refusing to fulfill their societal expectations and ‘man up’.

Some choose eternal bachelorhood—rejecting marriage, family, and a welfare state. They pump and dump and exploit weakness where they see it. Some even opt out of the gene pool all together, refusing to reproduce.

Others choose exodus and leave their homelands—looking for greener pastures with more traditional gender roles, where women are more feminine and the word ‘family’ means something.

Ultimately, I commend these men. They are smart and brave enough to enjoy their lives on their own terms.

But is bachelorhood and exodus my only choice? 


Yes, it is.

As a man, you’re only choice should be to opt out.

Don’t get me wrong, still play the game. Embrace the new sexual  marketplace—as brutal, loveless, and unforgiving as as it is. Talk about free love. Talk about having “unfenced” relationships with multiple women. (Check out the book Sex 3.0, a must read). Just enjoy the ride. Focus on self-improvement and strive to make the most of the situation. Hell, use feminist maxims to get laid, even if you don’t believe it. “You need to explore yourself in your 20’s”, “Men can do it, why can’t you?”, or “I think it’s cool when a women is in touch with their sexuality.” “Trust your vagina…she knows everything. Now open your legs.”

Play the game alright, but don’t marry these women. If you do, you are a fool.

The smart ones choose eternal bachelorhood, or exodus.

Now that’s what I call progress.

Because the more men opt out,  the better. Let’s lower productivity, lower tax revenue, and increase the burden on the state. Let the tower crumble, let the welfare will dry up, and let the leeches starve.

We will rebuild and welcome the return of men.

Until then (to quote a fellow manopshere blogger), enjoy the decline.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you think of this brave new world. Just milk it for all it’s worth. Determine your OWN values, make your OWN rules, always work to improve yourself, exploit the international system, and find an environment that offers you the greatest chance of happiness.

Go your own way.

6 Responses to The Manosphere 2.0: Reactionary to Progressive

  1. Ali S April 6, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    I agree with most of your analysis. But I have a digression to make. Manosphere 2.0, at least the kind that extensively indulges in online ‘game’, is more about vanity than self-improvement. Sex 3.0 is a sport (a sport that, you, Zolo, are probably a top contender in), not a method to procreate from a pussy worthy of your lineage as biology (“genetic imperative”, a term you seem quite fond of) intended it to be. Capture this flag, score a 9, brag about it, repeat. I guess it’s not bad for someone who has lost hope in the traditional family unit – otherwise you might end up in a depressed, boring rut of an existence – but it falls slightly off the point that you were trying to make.

    I’m probably too much of a traditionalist, I’ll admit, and I thank my parents for raising me in a conventional normal household where conservative gender roles were strictly enforced. It’s about time men get their act together and see what’s at stake.

  2. shamrock April 6, 2013 at 10:49 pm #

    well written…..i wish these manosphere blogs were all translated to other languages to reach more men

  3. Scopes on the AR April 8, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    What you said about the current feminism movement is 100% accurate. It’s like a plague in the western world and i agree with your views of not settling for that BS: Whether it be going to a different country or any different measures.

    What i disagree with is the concept of eternal playboy and no reproduction as a way of “teaching them a lesson”. That’s a lose-lose situation for men. They will be old and lonely with no kids and no one to help them in time of need. Women will be too….

    I commend those who search outside their feminist surroundings to find a woman that still has some values…those guys are true pimps!!

  4. JJ Roberts April 8, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

    Ali, as the author of Sex 3.0 – it ain’t a sport. It’s a sexual / social movement of people rejecting the existing framework and upgrading.

    3.0 is all about establishing and maintaing relationships that work and that respect nature. All the awesome sex is just a nice side-effect 😉

  5. Rollo Tomassi April 9, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

    We want to enter a civil Marriage. We love each other to bits. OMG Naughty Nomad has purchased some new underwear for me.

    Can’t wait to try it on..anyway people you are all invited. Venue: Battersea Dogs Home.

  6. realdeal April 29, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

    Well our definition of bachlerhood is different in one aspect.I reject,marriage,family ,kids but in no way do I reject the welfare state!
    Shit how else can I pay the rent without dole money .If bankers get free money then so should I.Anyway fuck that aspirational bullshit.

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