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I tried VR porn, and we are F**KED.

VR porn is going to ruin lives. We have summoned the demon, folks. The virtual world of hedonism is so immersive, accessible, and pleasurable it will spread like a virus. The VR-porn Borg is here, and resistance is futile (or at least it will be for most men). Background I first gave up porn in 2012 when […]

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The Avalanche

“Have you ever been on a cable car before?” I asked her. “No,” she said, “I’ve never even been skiing.” It was my first day in Andorra, a tiny mountainous nation in the Pyrenees wedged between France and Spain. It was my first new country of 2016, kicking off a long overdue trip after two years hustling […]

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Day Game: The Approach & Opening (video)

Below is Part 3 or 4 of an interview I did with Steve from which was featured in my latest book Naughty Nomad’s Guide to New York City. We talk how to approach girls during the day, openers, and conversation starters. Edited Transcript Highlights: How do you get the conversation rolling? Give us some tips. As I said, I’m […]

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Testosterone produces darker skin in male siblings, thus making lighter skin a feminine cue.

Poll: The Top 5 Most Attractive Female Features

My last article, “Are White Women Naturally More Attractive?” pissed a lot of people off. That was not my intention. I didn’t write it to validate white supremacists or to upset dark-skinned women. I wrote it because, above all else, I value truth. A more succinct article title would have been: “Are women with a slight tan or (somewhat) lighter skin […]

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The ideal: Still a more light-skinned than dark-skinned.

Are White Women Naturally More Attractive?

Men worldwide are obsessed with white women. They dominate  media, fashion, and Hollywood. In almost every society throughout the world, throughout history, there has been a preference for females with light skin. A preference for female ‘whiteness’ comes up consistently in the anthropological record, but there had never been an equivalent preference for ‘blackness’ in females. Why?  It’s Not Just […]

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Top 10 Ways to Turn a Girl Off

1. You look bad naked. You’re too scrawny or too fat. You’ve about as much muscle as a teenage girl and enough gynoid fat to be mistaken for a lesbian. You might be able deceive some women by covering yourself with the right clothes, but when the morning sun comes you become Count Fatcula, retreating to the shadows. You keep […]

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