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The Clash of Civilizations, The Silk Road, and North Korea with Andrew MacLeod

In this episode of Hangover Radio I speak with Andrew MacLeod, and who has led an extraordinary life.

He is an Australian businessman, and a former humanitarian lawyer and aid worker for the UN, witnessing the Rwandan genocide, the Pakistani earthquake and the Asian tsunami.

Check out his video on North Korea below.

He has traveled to 140 countries, is author of a  booked called a Life Half Lived, and has written several articles for mainstream publications.

Image result for andrew macleodHe is also a visiting professor at King’s College in London, and has been a TED X speaker.

In this fascinating interview we discuss everything from his recent trip on the Silk Road, to Islam, freedom of speech, and the conflict in the Middle East. He also shares a harrowing story from a church in Rwanda.

Andrew doesn’t quite share my political views, so it was interesting to get his perspective on things, and I feel listener’s learn a lot from his valuable insight. Andrew currently blogs about his travels on, and you can find out more about his work at

Enjoy the episode!

(You can also download it for later via soundcloud)

One Response to The Clash of Civilizations, The Silk Road, and North Korea with Andrew MacLeod

  1. splooge November 8, 2016 at 10:22 pm #

    pretty good interview, like to hear an encore on that Canada and Australia integration. Noticed it too that they have similar percentage of muslims like europe, but shit dont hit the fan.
    very true the arabs and persians have been fighting since ancient times.
    plus colonialism did screw over india economically.

    I wonder the brexit, is the immigration rate going to be the same just less european? Or will they actually bring the rate down? And will the poles get to stay?

    have to agree, media sucks, social media has a lot of misinformation and confirmation biases. Theres so many spheres that feed that mentality from right wing to left.

    But worth noting each islamic nation is different and the colonial influence played a role. Like communism affecting central asian mentalitiy..

    or the ones that were run by british are more prudish while french run like lebanon and morocco tend be more flashy,provocative and tolerant of sex.

    He did make a big one about censorship, censor to prevent violents. Very easy to say hey lets all say what we want Recruit isis,draw the prophet,lets kill the cartoonist, wipe out this group of people like muslims or cis white males for violent history,threats of violence from social media to politics. Should all this be ok to say as long as no one gets hurt. Honestly the alt right and feminazis aint that different.

    how much is too far? I can see the mentality since the left has been hypersensitive on censorship so very easy to swing far left to far fight instead of back to center, like Iran going hyper conservative after being really western. Its always the extremes.

    so if thats ok, do we just punish until violence has occured or use it to prevent? Im talking before we went hyper pc. Do we just be a culture that just argues back and forth like women without a punch being thrown. Because the people that seem to be hyper pc and really free speech are just finding ways to just be bullies as it seems.

    all in all awesome inteirview keep up the podcasts.

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