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My New York Guide for Men Drops Oct 13th

After 18 months of hard work, I recently received a proof copy of my new New York guidebook. Take a look… I’m really happy with the finished project. It will be approximately 140 pages and broken down into four sections: Introduction, Girls, Game, and Nightlife. The nightlife section is particularly extensive and covers every hood in Manhattan, as […]

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City Guide: Montreal, Canada (Guest Post)

The following is a city guide by my NYC wingman Dominic Taurus. Check out his new blog. Overview Montreal is the second largest city in Canada (Toronto being the first). It belongs to the Quebec province. The currency is Canadian dollars but most vendors take American dollars. It’s by far the safest city I have visited. […]

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City Guide: Fortaleza, Brazil (Guest Post)

The following is an edited city guide that was contributed by Roberto Fereira, a musician with family ties to the city. Overview Fortaleza is the country music capital of Brazil. Imagine Miami mixed with Nashville on a tropical beach in the northeast of Brasil. Bustling with around 2.5 million residents,  the fastest growing city in […]

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Snapshot: Washington, D.C., USA

Snapshots are mini town/city guides for smaller places or cities I have only experienced briefly. Here’s a little snapshot of Washington D.C. What’s D.C. like? Walking around the city center, most visitors would describe Washington D.C. as a beautiful little city. The tree-lined streets, the superb monuments, the museums, and vibes of Little Ethiopia make it a great place to visit for a couple of […]

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5 Destinations Guys Need To Visit NOW

With a strong dollar, cheap new transatlantic routes, and currencies devaluing in the southern hemisphere, 2015/16 has never been a better time to travel to the following countries. 1. Argentina Want beautiful Latin girls and first world amenities at third world prices? Argentina’s currency has just got bitch-slapped back to the early 2000’s. Inflation is rampant. Things look bleak […]

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Why Racism is Here to Stay

America is fucked. I hate to say it, but racism in the US is here to stay. While noble, the dreams of a post-racial, egalitarian  society where blacks and whites live in harmony are a liberal fantasy. In reality, the numbers just don’t add up. It all comes down to social mobility. In Europe, the best […]

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$700 a month in Harlem.

10 Reasons why NYC sucks

After last week’s article, 10 Things Awesome About NYC,  here’s a little counterbalance. 1. The Insanely High Rents NYC has the highest rents in the US—and ranks 4th highest in the world. As of January 2015, the average rent in Manhattan was a whopping $3,928. The cheapest room in Harlem or Buttfuck, Brooklyn will still cost you $700-800 a month. […]

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