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The Struggle

I wasn’t born a ladies man. In fact, for much of my school days, I was kind of a loser. I hit puberty very early and at only twelve years old, I had a moustache and I was the first kid in my class to breakout in spots.

People used to call me gorilla boy and I was bullied pretty bad. The ‘popular’ boys in school used to call me a girl because I had very feminine eyes with big dark eyelashes and people thought I wore eyeliner.

My first kiss was a freckly ginger kid who later grew up to become a raging lesbian.

When I was 14, I got arrested for forging and selling counterfeit money. I got suspended from school, appointed a JLO officer by the court, and forced into counselling for the rest of the school year. It was best thing that ever happened in my life.

My school counsellor become more like my spirit guide. He showed me the Way of the Book. He got me interested in psychology and philosophy. Instead of talking about ‘my problems’, our sessions turned into classes on Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Freud, and Jung.

Before than, I had no interest in books, but suddenly I was obsessed with learning. I became a total nerd.

I struggled with girls, but at 17, I eventually lost my virginity to my first girlfriend – one of sister’s friends two years my junior. I followed all my mother’s advice, but it still took eight long months of waiting for us to finally have sex.

Back then, I was a romantic beta sap. I used to take her out for candlelit dinners, get giant oversized valentine cards delivered to her in class, and I even wrote and performed a song for her.


Then my body started to change. My skin cleared up, my facial hair made me look more Johnny Depp than gorilla boy, and my dark eyes looked more exotic than girly. I became more confident in myself. I became the lead in the school musical, got offered an academic scholarship, and by fluke, I got offered a chance to go to Antarctica on a scientific expedition – a journey that would change my life. (You’ll read about it in my upcoming book).

I became more attractive than my girlfriend and she hated my success. She nagged me constantly and became a very negative force in my life – so I dumped her.

It was 2005. Later that year, after returning from Antarctica, I started my first year in university. That’s when my Dad gave me the Game by Neil Strauss. I made all my friends read it. I used to go out at night and try every trick in the book, so to speak. I even met up with other guys on the internet trying to do the same thing.

I tried, failed, and tried again. Some things worked for me, some things didn’t. I kept at it for years. I failed, I failed, and I failed. I never had a mentor or knew any guys who were good with women, so I had to teach myself. It was a long arduous road. At times, I just gave up. Yes, there was the odd success, but in my mind, I was still a failure with women.

After two years of struggle and failure, slowly, very slowly, things started to change for me. More of my failures became successes. Getting laid once every few months, became every few weeks, to every few days. I banged my first model, had my first threesome, and my notch and flag count started to skyrocket. I began maintaining harems, banging beauty queens, and having regular one night stands with women from every corner of the globe. I began writing about it and becoming the man I am today. I began to teach others. I became the mentor I wish I had when I was was learning.

My friends became my students, and they, too, dramatically improved their sex lives and lifestyles. Other men started offering me money to teach them.

I’m still learning, and will continue to learn for the rest of life, but it’s nice to know I’m in a position where I can help other guys out in their struggle.

A 1,000 mile journey begins with one single step.
Nothing worth fighting for is born without struggle.
The road to success is paved with failure.

What’s your story of struggle?

8 Responses to The Struggle

  1. rick July 10, 2012 at 5:35 pm #

    I was a virgin until i was 18. Only made out with 2 girls. Both were hot though.

    Was well worried i would end up a legit 40 year old virgin. So took my first solo trip to amsterdam and banged a shit load of whores. I felt no shame and even boasted about it to just about everyone.

    Then still aged 18 i was in tenerife with my best friend and he lost his virginity to some kind of chubby irish chick free of charge. That night i looked at myself in the mirror and was angry.

    The next night however changed my life. Lost my virginity (myfirstfreefuck) which involved a threesome and 2 hot hungarian chicks. They basically fucked me because i was a virgin. Glad i didnt brag about those whores to them.

    I came home and felt confident in myself. Planned another trip, a few months later, this time europe, banged 4 more chick, all above 7 in my eyes, some with boyfriends, all were different flags to, whore mongering ways hadnt ended though, and since my first trip to amsterdam i always imagined what it would be like to have like a grand for a day in the red light district. Banged 12 whores in 2 days. Also bragged about that.

    The next year and a half, i took several trips around europe where i realised what i wanted. LATINAS

    This led me to Peru. Now reasons being i hear its easiest place for blond hair, blue eyed guys to go. Well let me tell you how i found it.

    30 days, 21 bangs, my 2nd thressome, mostly 7s and 8s, but i think i may have wondered into 9 territory, i also banged married millionaire chick, and a beuty contestant chick. Did a heap of other shit, should possibly join rooshs forum and post the ultimate peru sheet.

    Would like to bust a myth about peru though. Some people say you cant be picky, this is bullshit. If you have your shit together, and are a gringo whos at least a 7, you can basically have the hottest girls there. Who are fucking hot.

    Also another thing i basically got into was rsd nations way of doing things. Everyone sems to hate them at roosh due to it being run by evil tyler durden whos actually funny as fuck and seems cool.

    Also stopped bragging about whores and banging them. It wasnt for god, nor health reasons. It was because i developed an ego. Iam 20.

  2. John July 11, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Got me knob sucked in Thurles once by an ould one. Was class.

  3. john July 12, 2012 at 6:19 pm #

    cool story bruh

  4. Dom July 31, 2012 at 2:54 am #

    The above poster rick is full of shit!

    Nomand I enjoy your writing and stories immensely but can t quite believe some of the stats, banging a woman every 1 – 2 days seems exaggerated. The logistics are too far out. Although, I agree its possible to seduce a different woman every 1 – 2 days. Its just the amount of time and effort required leaves no time for every day things like work, commuting, preparing dinner. Ofourse if your on holiday thats another thing. And maybe thats what you meant.

    personally I can go out every week end clubbing a pick up. For me success is a simple formula. Dress well, talk to woman, beam confidence. But mainly approach woman! that’s key. just smile and act nice, don’t over-complicate shit with too much talking. Ask questions. Be spontaneously, canned or prepared statements are Bullshit! Be yourself

    I would just warn people though when you get into the mentality of a ‘player’ it starts to control your life! sex addiction becomes an issue. You can never get enough. Its a shallow existence too. You begin to use the woman. My philosphy if I invest energy into picking a woman up, I don’t want it to be just a one night stand. She owes me. What Can I get? I ask myself. mostly a friendsship that I can use to my advantage. She pays for things, or lends money or does other things useful to me. Little favours. this is fucked up because I realise if things don’t go to plan I dump the woman without feeling a prick of guilt. I’ve lost the ability to have feelings for these woman and perhaps any woman. I ve played the game too much and now I ve become a product of it. A shallow sex addicted lecher scared of intimacy.

  5. Fuckface August 27, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

    My struggle has been harsh. I grew up with social problems all my life. I have screwed some girls and one girl I was with for a long time in Slovakia but she was much older than I was and I didn’t like it. While I was there, I had wanted to get with other girls there and in other countries but I never had the skill set to get girls. This year I have had numerous opportunities to get laid but each time I bombed because I got afraid or had too much anxiety so I decided to avoid those girls, two of whom were either ugly or stupid. I haven’t had sex in almost two years now so I am still struggling but on the positive side of things, I am very attractive and I can dress well so should have no problem banging lots of girls from everywhere. I plan on spending most of my life abroad so I can get flags. I am 31 now and I keep wishing I had got myself together earlier but now I need to generate a little bit of cash and get my game up with women while I am still in the United States. I didn’t get girls in high school, college and now I am still not getting girls maybe due to the fact my social skills are not good enough but I am determined to get my game up so I can be sleeping with women from everywhere and all different types of ethnicities. I love women and can’t live without them. Life is short and you have to take advantage of the abundance of women out there! I keep telling myself that but the question is why I still haven’t gotten laid yet? I am dying now and I know that sex is easy, it should be for me and any other intelligent guy who knows how to get women in bed. Any suggestions? I’m ready to conquer!

  6. Shlok July 9, 2013 at 6:27 pm #

    Need advice here.
    I am from India, people would say i look Arab – Lebanese. Have been living in Africa (currently based in Senegal) since I was 20 years old and now I am 35.
    In these 10+ years here there has been never a night when I slept alone or slept with the same girl two consecutive nights ( I just can’t bear to see the same girl again once I have banged her, atleast for a another couple of days) – so it must be like 500+ girls in these last 10 years.

    Got married a few years back to a East European and still have my game on.

    Recently I have realized that I never hit the top tier girls, somehow I felt they were too good for me or whenever I was asked “out” by one – I felt she was a pro – looking for money and dropped it.

    Recently I have been meeting some really classy women in their late 20s and mid 30s, when I am with them I am going over my mind on how to score – but unable to gather the balls to speak out….. plus somehow as I grew older – the girls I have been sleeping with have become younger. Most of the girls I see / maintain these days are below 20s or early 20s…

    So the advice needed would be – how to get the balls to ask out these top tier girls and are they really worth the effort ?? My experience has been that the average looking girls are the best in the bed…while the good looking ones come with a lot of drama and “I don’t like this, I don’t like that” story.

    Cheers and thanks in advance mate !

  7. Zed August 18, 2016 at 9:19 am #

    Your a legend NN, great story to success. Like most of us, my story also “began” with the game.

    Now I keeps it pimpin. I value myself so highly that a women literally has to pay to be with me.


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